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Looking for a smart new way to manage, convert, and search through your scanned files, all without breaking the bank? You're in the right place--eCopy Software like PDF Pro Office can provide all the solutions you'll ever want. Here's everything you need to know!

What is PDF Pro Office?

When it comes to organizing and managing your files, there's nothing more effective than eCopy software. With a wide variety of tools and solutions, eCopy might just become your company's new best friend.

How To Disinfect Your Office Equipment and Protect Your Employees

Office equipment is one of the most commonly used tools in a bustling office environment. Yet, while most offices have the carpets vacuumed and the toilets scrubbed each day, copiers and printers are usually an afterthought for disinfection. That’s because office equipment typically only gets cleaned when it’s serviced by a technician, or a dust bunny shows up in a paper tray.

Add that to the facts that on average we touch our faces 15.7 times per hour and that the Coronavirus is pretty resilient on hard surfaces (up to nine hours, maybe even days) and you might be thinking that you need to deep clean your office ASAP before anyone returns to your office. 

Better to be safe than sorry, copiers, printers, keypads, keyboards and mouses alike (hard surfaces that are frequently touched) should all be disinfected for the best chance at flattening the COVID-19 infection rate curve.

How to Conduct an Effective Virtual Meeting

4.7 million people work from home in the United States [source]. The need for collaboration and meeting with co-workers does not go away when people transition to working from home, so it is no surprise that products like Zoom Meeting have realized huge growth.

The recent Coronavirus spread is creating challenges for sales teams that did not need to make this transition to meeting virtually until now. One can only think that the number of people that work from home will be drastically increased for the long-term once we get back to normal.

Virtual or not, we have all been in our share of meetings that were good, productive meetings and meetings that were a waste of time for all involved. So, ensuring that you can effectively conduct a meeting is critical in business continuity during these times.  

The 3 keys to having quality virtual meetings are:

What Can Smart Boards Do For Your Classroom?


Smartboards have all kinds of potential. They're easy to use, gentle on the environment (and on any school's budget), and great for encouraging creativity--but what does that look like in practice? Let's see what smart boards can do for your classroom!

Why Choose a SmartBoard?

All kinds of office products make their home in a school or classroom, adapting standard business practices like efficiency, productivity, and creativity to fit the education world. These days, though, it's not just about printers and copiers. Schools are finding brand-new ways to make use of innovative, exciting technology--and smart boards are only one example.

Choosing Document Management Systems for Law Firms

legal document management systems

Law firms have unique needs and challenges when it comes to document management. As such, a one-size-fits-all solution just isn't going to work--so here's everything you need to know about choosing document management systems for your law firm.

The Basics

Before you start choosing between all the powerful and promising managed services available, you need to do just a little bit of homework to find out precisely what you want. For example, if you're hoping to get your print habits and costs in check, you'll want to check out print management; if it's network solutions you're after, IT management is just the thing for you. However, if--like many law firms--you are feeling overwhelmed by stacks of paper, disorganized file cabinets, and chaotic workflows, document management is the best way to go.

Savvy Teachers Use Smartboards in the Classroom


Are you looking for a way to take your lessons and class discussions to a whole new level? Want to be worthy of the title "savvy educator?" Digital smartboards might be your new best friend!

What are Smartboards?

Smartboards are just what they sound like - smart blackboards. What makes them "smart," though, is really what makes them unique: they can connect to the Internet, work with your digital tools (like advanced presentation software), and provide uniquely interactive learning opportunities. Honestly, the only limit is your imagination--which means you can take your lesson plans, group projects, and even your pop quizzes to whole new levels. Today's students are learning and interacting with information in brand-new ways, so why not bring education into their world?

Duplicating Products Receives 2020 Ricoh RFG Circle of Excellence


Our team at Duplicating Products is pleased to announce that we have received Ricoh’s RGF Circle of Excellence for 2020. This shows that we have met or exceeded the requirements of the RFG Circle of Excellence Program through their Service Engineer Skills Assessment (prestige) and their Service Operations Assessment.

The Service Operations Assessment, in particular, represents our dedication to providing our customers with top-notch and high-quality services and products through:

Choosing Scanners for Healthcare Organizations


Scanners are versatile, powerful, and efficient--but they're not "one size fits all." Here's how to make sure you're getting the best machine (and the best deal!) for your healthcare organization.

Big Choices

There are a lot of choices when it comes to scanners: different makes, different models, various connectivity options, several features. With all those differences, the job can start to feel a little overwhelming--and that's okay. This is, after all, a prominent choice for your organization, and it has the power to make life simpler and smoother for employees and patients alike.

But how can you be sure you're making the right choice?


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