Duplicating Products is a Ricoh RFG Circle of Excellence Certified Printer Dealer

Ricoh America Corporation is a global technology company specializing in office imaging equipment, production print solutions, document management systems, and IT services. Duplicating Products has been recognized as a 2023 RFG Circle of Excellence Certified Dealership. This certification program is designed to acknowledge and reward dealers who deliver outstanding service and support in accordance with Ricoh's guidelines. Duplicating Products is proud to partner with Ricoh, one of the top vendors in our industry.

Print Management: How To Fix Printer Errors


Printer errors can be confusing, frustrating, and a great way to waste time (especially if you don't know what they're trying to tell you). Here are a few print management tips for addressing and fixing errors.

Scanner Scenarios: Standalone or Multifunction?


If you're interested in adding a scanner to your fleet, you probably already know all the great things these machines are capable of. However, there's one big question to answer before you go any further: Do you need a standalone scanner or a multifunction device? Let's find out!

Cost Management With The Cloud


These days, companies are getting creative about cost management. You need to save money, sure, but you need to do it in a way that doesn't impact your ability to deliver top-notch service at high speed. That sounds like a tall order--but with the cloud, efficient cost management is easier than ever.

How The Cloud Supports Cost Management

If you want to cut costs instead of corners, the cloud has plenty of promise. Flexible, accessible, and constantly evolving cloud solutions help turn cost management into a stress-free part of your everyday routine.

Does Managed Print Improve Security?


Although managed print is known for its ability to improve efficiency and save money across your business, it has one more power: improving security. Here's how managed print services saves the day!

Cost Control Solutions With Document Management


Document management makes--and keeps--a lot of big promises. However, a favorite among most businesses is this solution's ability to help simplify cost management. What does that look like? Let's find out!

HR Document Solutions: The Power of Document Scanning


Even if you've never been in HR, it's easy to imagine how quickly this department can become buried in papers and files. Luckily, there's a way for HR experts to dig themselves out--with the right document solutions, that is! Let's take a look at document scanning for HR.

Document Solutions: Why Scanning?

Document scanning is one of the easiest and most comprehensive ways to digitize your HR files. But with so many document solutions on the market, why should you start with scanning?

Top 3 Solutions for Cost Control


Every business is looking for ways to cut costs--but not every business knows how to do it the smart way. Here are three ways to be quick and creative when it comes to saving a buck (or more).

Easy Cost Control Solutions

Cost control is part of everything you do--but it's a delicate balance. After all, you can't cut corners just to save money, especially if it would impact your customers or reputation; however, you also can't afford to waste money. So how do you strike this balance?

Simple: Try solutions like these.

Production Printer, Industrial Printer, Wide Format Printer--Oh My!


If you're new to the production printer world, it's easy to get so excited by all the options that you forget to look a little closer. Unfortunately, that's a good way to end up with something that might not be a production printer at all--which is why it's important to know the difference between these machines and their cousins, the wide format, and industrial printers. Here's what to know!

Document Management for Manufacturing Workflows


While document management may seem like the kind of solution that works best in an office setting, that's not always the case. In fact, it's so versatile that it can fit into just about any environment where there are documents to be managed--and that includes manufacturing. Here's how document management makes workflows a little easier throughout the supply chain.

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