Which Copiers Are Right For You?


With so many makes, so many models, and so many features, choosing copiers for your business can start to feel like being a kid in a candy store--except everybody is counting on you to pick the perfect candy for your budget, needs, and growth goals. Luckily, with these simple questions, choosing a copier doesn't have to be a hassle!

What to Ask

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing copiers is that this is all about you. Just because one machine worked well for a friend or competitor doesn't mean it's right for your unique, specific needs.

Here are a few questions to get you started!

4 Easy Ways to Make Copiers HIPAA Compliant

hipaa compliance

"Easy" and "compliance" are two words that don't seem to belong in the same sentence--not until now, that is. Here are a few simple, pain-free tips to get your copiers on the right track!

Carefree Compliance

The first thing to do when it comes to HIPAA compliance is to step back and evaluate your thought process. If you approach compliance as a hurdle, a problem to be overcome, then you're setting yourself up for frustration and stress. However, if you view HIPAA compliance as a sort of "road map" toward the efficiency and security you want to achieve for your employees, your clients, and your business as a whole. Then you can start seeing every change as a step in the right direction!

Here are just a few simple tips to help you get started:

Avoid Obsolete Technology With These Office Solutions

office equipment

The use of technology is something that no office can be without, but that technology is evolving rapidly. With the many advances being made each year by the tech sector, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest features and machines that are being introduced on the market.

Avoid Purchasing Office Equipment

One of the best office solutions for avoiding obsolete technology is not to buy the equipment you need outright. Instead, use your office equipment budget to lease the equipment. This will allow you to keep up with the latest advances on the market by trading in older models for newer ones that you continue to lease. When a company buys all of their office equipment, they have to keep those machines even when there are advances in the newer models. By leasing, you can keep your monthly equipment budget the same while upgrading machines as they become available.

How Print Management Can Optimize Your Business

printer in use

The system of printing documents in your office is one that is so necessary, many don't think much about it. The employees just use the printer when they need to, and the company pays all of the printing costs. However, a lot of time and expense often goes into making unnecessary printouts and repairing the machine when the printer problems could have been avoided with print management.

Benefits of Large Format Printers

large format

The use of printers in the office is an essential way of getting business done. With the right printers, many of the tasks that are done around the office can be done by the printer instead. And, with specialty printers, many of the printing jobs that you used to have to outsource to other companies can be done in-house.

Larger Documents

When you need larger documents printed, it can be tempting to just print them in a smaller format simply because that's the size of the printer you have in the office. However, this results in documents and other materials that look terrible. Aside from being unreadable, they will not present the type of image that you wanted from those materials. Having large format printers available in your office will make it easy to get those larger items printed in little time. Items like banners for the walls or for trade-show booths can be printed to the size you need right there without having to get by without those materials.

Buying a Multifunction Device

multifunction device

The use of multifunction devices in today's offices solve a lot of problems, and they come with a lot of benefits for everyone in the office. They perform a lot of office functions that make them one of the most convenient machines to have in an office.

Using a Multifunction Device

As the name implies, a multifunction device does a wide range of office tasks. They may be most often used as a printer, but they also make copies just as a stand-alone copier would. In addition, they can collate those printed pages to save you time and effort on that task. They can staple together different pages as they print them and even bind them together if needed. If you have too many paper documents around, it can be used as a scanner to convert them into digital files. They can also send faxes any time you need to send one.

Benefits of Scanners for Small Businesses

digital document

The use of paper documents has been the norm for hundreds of years. That system came with a number of advantages, but it has also delivered a number of disadvantages. Those cons to the paper system have convinced many businesses to think much differently about the way they create and utilize documents in the office. And with scanners, they can create a new system that allows for plenty of advantages and none of those cons.

A Buyer's Guide to Office Printers

printer in use

Office printers are one of the biggest needs in a company when it comes to business machines. However, not every business printer is the same. Some have far more features than others, and not every company has the same printing needs.

Inkjet Printers vs. Laser Printers

An inkjet printer is an inexpensive option that simply uses ink to print on paper. This type of printer is also smaller, so it's perfect for offices with limited space. It's also a good choice if its use will be occasional and/or for smaller print jobs. For printing large numbers of pages, a laser printer is often what an office wants. It is more expensive and larger in size, but it is an exacting type of printing that is high-quality and ready to take on large printing jobs It uses toner to fuse the words and images with the paper. These printers may have speeds as fast as 100 pages per minute.


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