Top 3 Solutions for Cost Control


Every business is looking for ways to cut costs--but not every business knows how to do it the smart way. Here are three ways to be quick and creative when it comes to saving a buck (or more).

Easy Cost Control Solutions

Cost control is part of everything you do--but it's a delicate balance. After all, you can't cut corners just to save money, especially if it would impact your customers or reputation; however, you also can't afford to waste money. So how do you strike this balance?

Simple: Try solutions like these.

Production Printer, Industrial Printer, Wide Format Printer--Oh My!


If you're new to the production printer world, it's easy to get so excited by all the options that you forget to look a little closer. Unfortunately, that's a good way to end up with something that might not be a production printer at all--which is why it's important to know the difference between these machines and their cousins, the wide format, and industrial printers. Here's what to know!

Document Management for Manufacturing Workflows


While document management may seem like the kind of solution that works best in an office setting, that's not always the case. In fact, it's so versatile that it can fit into just about any environment where there are documents to be managed--and that includes manufacturing. Here's how document management makes workflows a little easier throughout the supply chain.

Eliminate Downtimes with Workflow Solutions


Office operations have to be closely maintained in today's 24-hour work world. Keeping pace with companies in the digital realm means that your office needs to prioritize operational efficiency and not be held back in business and growth by regular office slowdowns like downtime, equipment failure, communications issues, or other failures.

There are key workflow solutions that can help your team stay ahead. Read on to learn more about your options for efficiency.

Printer Prices: The Hidden Costs of Buying and Leasing


If you know you need a new printer, you're probably already bracing yourself to face the price. But do you know all the hidden costs of buying or leasing your machine? Let's take a closer look!

3 Big Tips for Multifunction Printer Security


Multifunction printer security is more of a journey than a destination--but luckily, it's possible to simplify that journey. Here are three big tips to help you manage and secure your prints in better ways.

Your Multifunction Printer Security Problems, Solved

While there's no single solution that can overcome every single multifunction printer security issue, there's good news: You can mix and match tools to create your ideal print environment. However, to do that effectively, you need to know which solutions work well together.

Do You Have a Print Security Plan?


Every company knows security is important--but when it comes to print security, you might be left scratching your head. Here's why printers deserve a place in your overarching security approach (and how to make it happen)!

Why Do You Need a Print Security Plan?

Did you know that hackers often start an attack by looking for unsecured printers? That's because many businesses don't realize their printers are at risk. After all, they're "just printers," right?

A Crash-Course in Large Format Printing


Have you ever heard someone talking about large format printers and felt like a kid on the wrong side of the toy store window? Well, good news: We're here to open the door and let you into the wonderful world of large format printing. Here's everything you need to know!

Multifunction Printer Security: Do You Know These Printer Risks?


Multifunction printer security may always be at the top of your mind, but that doesn't mean you can know every little detail. For example, some of the biggest MFP risks are also the ones most companies tend to overlook--which is why they're so dangerous in the first place.

Follow along as we explore some of the top multifunction printer security risks and provide a few tips to help you overcome them!

Healthcare Document Solutions: Moving to an Electronic Health Record System


Healthcare organizations have a lot of documents to deal with, and almost every one of those documents contains sensitive personal information. This data isn't just protected by regulations like HIPAA; it's also something patients have trusted their healthcare partners with--which means it's that much more important to protect. Luckily, with document solutions like an electronic health record (EHR) system, that's easier than ever.

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