There are certain necessities every office needs to function efficiently, no matter the size of the business. The office solutions provided by Duplicating Products are sure to meet your business’s every printing and copying need. Working with Duplicating Products for all of your office equipment needs can make your job easier and save your business money. Our goal is to improve your workflow in a cost-effective way that will increase productivity while producing high-quality documents clients expect.

Duplicating Products is a full-service office equipment solutions provider. We sell and lease the latest equipment from trusted brands, and we’ll make sure your printers and copiers perform properly for your office to operate smoothly and efficiently.

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What We Offer

It’s one thing to have the right machines for your office, but it’s another to make sure you have all the resources you need to keep them running at their best. At Duplicating Products we not only provide top of the line equipment, but the essential services needed to support you and keep your office functioning smoothly.

Our office machine services include:

  • Help desk and online support
  • Repair and maintenance for printers and copiers
  • Equipment leasing
  • Print management (MPS)
  • Much more
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Printer and Copier Services

We are a leading provider of printer and copier services to keep your office machines running smoothly. From routine preventative maintenance to service when issues arise, we've got you covered.

Repair and Maintenance

Having the right equipment is a great start, but it goes beyond the hardware. What you do when your equipment breaks is equally important, and having repairs and maintenance support is a big part of any office’s operating plan.

Printer and copier service is not something to ignore. If you let machines go downhill, pretty soon, you are losing money on efficiency, employee productivity, and your investment. Keeping up with the necessary maintenance can do wonders for your return on investment, and working with a reliable team is key to getting the most out of your maintenance agreement.

Routine maintenance and repairs are essential to:

  • Prevent breakdowns or other issues before they happen
  • Address unexpected problems quickly and effectively
  • Stay prepared through a proactive maintenance plan
  • Minimize disruptions to keep things up and running

At Duplicating Products, we offer maintenance and repair services in the North Georgia and Metro Atlanta area. We have experience with a variety of machines (printers, copiers, scanners, multifunction devices) from leading providers including Canon and Savin.

We offer maintenance agreements with our equipment, serving as a one-stop-shop for all your needs. When you’re ready for a check-up or experience an issue, all you need to do is submit a service request through our website or give us a call to speak to a live dispatcher or speak with our Help Desk. We’ll respond right away to keep you up and running!

Supplies for Printers and Copiers

Duplicating Products will complete regular maintenance on your machines to keep them operating smoothly and at their best. We will also handle any repairs when necessary, and help minimize disruptions to your office. By engaging Duplicating Products as a partner and taking advantage of our managed print services, you can keep things running smoothly with minimal effort. Our services will also help you ensure your supplies are always properly stocked!

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Equipment Leasing

Office equipment can be expensive, and it doesn't always make sense for your business to purchase the equipment outright. At Duplicating Products we offer a variety of leasing options, so you can get the latest equipment and maintenance - without the associated upfront cost. Leasing, as opposed to purchasing, also provides you with the flexibility to upgrade your hardware as needed. We lease a wide range of machines including copiers, printers, and scanners. With so many options to choose from, we're confident we have a solution that fits your needs and your budget. We will work with you to customize an approach that is correct for you and your office, and help ensure you have access to the equipment you need. We can even adjust our approach over time as you scale or grow.

Investing in the right equipment for your company is crucial for building your business. At the early stages of establishing your business, you may wonder how to get what you need, and the features that will help your business run smoothly.

Why Lease?

There are many reasons to lease a machine, and why your office chooses to do so will depend on your unique needs and working environment.

Some benefits of leasing include:

  • No large upfront costs
  • Easy, accessible repair services
  • Flexibility to upgrade
  • Continuous technology upgrades
  • No unsupported or out-of-date systems

Buying equipment outright is a big investment, and requires putting capital in upfront. This makes leasing a good option for some, allowing you to get the equipment you need without sinking in a huge amount of cash. This money can then be used elsewhere, in other parts of the business.

When you lease, service also becomes substantially easier! We can cover your leased system under a maintenance agreement and will handle all repairs for you. You can also upgrade to new machines over time as technology - and your office - continue to change.

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At Duplicating Products we do more than provide the equipment for your office – we work with your business to find the best solutions for your office. To ensure we can achieve this we have a variety of products and services to ensure we take care of your business. For more information on how we can become your office equipment solution provider, contact us today!

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