5 Common Printer Mistakes

Printing seems like a simple task on the surface. How hard could it be? Under the surface, however, there are many subtle printer mistakes that people often make. Individually, these mistakes seem minor. But in aggregate, the sum of these errors can have a serious impact.

Canon Portable Printers

In today’s mobile world, everything is accessible on the go. Tablets and Laptops are now staples in both the home and the workplace. It becoming more and more necessary to have printers and copiers that are also portable. Whether you’re a family who is always on the go or a frequent business traveler, Canon portable printers can make it much easier to print important documents from anywhere.

Back-to-School Office Supplies

Now that school has started back in full swing, many teachers and instructors are realizing the supplies that are needed the most in their classrooms. With any teaching job, there’s guaranteed to be mountains of paperwork that will need to be printed, copied, and filed away. Duplicating Products has several classroom machines that will make the school year go by much smoother and easier.

The Importance of DPI in Printers

More often than not, a printer’s specification list in any given product catalog includes a “DPI resolution.” Simply put, DPI stands for “dots per inch,” and is one of the most important attributes to consider when selecting your ideal printer. DPI is determined by the amount of dots of ink that can be printed in a square inch.


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