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While so much of today’s world is digital, working in an office still involves working with physical paper. Whether you need to shred sensitive documents at the completion of a project or manage existing paperwork you have stored, Duplication Products has the right item for you. Our wide selection of shredders and folders will help you control and maintain your documents.


If you handle sensitive client information, it’s essential you have a way to keep it safe both while you’re using it and when the client engagement is complete. You also may have some sensitive business information that you want to protect related to your company and operations, or that you wish to dispose of in a safe manner when you are finished with it. Shredders will ensure you can safely and effectively destroy documents containing personal or confidential information. Shredders are electronic machines that will cut up your documents into tiny pieces or particles that are not able to be put back together, keeping whatever data was formerly stored there private. In some cases, there are legal implications to the storage of client information, and using a paper shredder is an important step to remain within guidelines.

Types of Shredders

There are several types of shredders to meet your office’s needs, which vary based upon the size of the paper cuts left behind. Shredders can also be based upon capacity.

  • Strip-cut
  • Cross-cut
  • Micro-cut

Micro-cut is the smallest size, and best for the most confidential information.

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Folders, or document folders, are machines that fold paper in a neat and precise way. They can also be called “letter-folding” machines. Folders have a lot of uses, whether you need to fold a paper in half, make a tri-fold, or make a special-sized document. The benefits of using a folder over folding manually are great. You can save a lot of time and money, and also create a better final product. When you enlist the help of a folder, the result will be a clean, consistent, professional product. Folders can fold to a variety of sizes that you specify.

Benefits of a Folder

  • Versatile for different paper types
  • Versatile for different sizes of paper
  • Versatile for different folding types from tri-fold to z-fold
  • Easy to use and efficient
  • Professional results

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