Businesses in Northeast Georgia and Atlanta often face the challenge of balancing their time and resources. Maintaining a productive work environment is crucial, but they also want to ensure the costs of running the company is both controlled and predictable. Managed Print Services is the solution to help you stay focused on running your business and having one less thing to worry about. Let Duplicating Products manage your print environment, by keeping an eye on inventory and staying on top of troubleshooting issues, and we will make sure it runs smoothly and efficiently. Our #1 priority is customer service and we have been helping clients in North Georgia with the challenges of running a business since 1974.

Managed print will help you get your print environment in check. That means a predictable monthly budget, an understanding of supply use, consolidated print fleet, print policy, and regular print audits. Ready for that level of organized print?

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The DPI Total Print Impact Process

Our team of experts will take a deep dive into your print environment and determine the best plan of action on where to get started. The DPI Total Print Impact Process analyzes the print volume for all the devices in your office and will start to collect data so that you can gain a full understanding of your company's print costs. If you feel like you are spending too much money or resources on paper and ink costs, but don't know where to begin in cutting them down, our managed print services process will help identify these pain points to easily reach your goals. A customized plan will help get you going and you may never look back at your old processes again.

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Assessing Your Print Environment

Our service is effective and keeps your needs in mind. The DPI Total Print Impact Process starts by helping you understand the impact of your entire print environment on your business by assessing the current costs and processes that support the print environment. We will assess your team's printing behaviors and begin to optimize your print strategy. We will look at trends and figure out where we can provide better efficiencies and strategies.

It's easier to get to a goal when you're able to visualize it. However, companies often feel like they're at a loss when it comes to something like a managed print plan. What does a managed print plan even look like? Let's find out--and help you visualize one of your own!

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Next, we make recommendations on how to minimize the costs as well as provide a new structure that will lift the burden of print off of your team. Our goal is to turn an uncontrolled cost into a predictable one, and you can have a better view of habits and print trends each month. By streamlining your print environment, you will make the most of your existing printer inventory and ensure the security of your infrastructure.   We will create a plan with you and your business in mind, and will include options to balance out your workflows. Our recommendations will help you reach your future goals and the needs of your client, but above all, we want to shine light on the part of your business that you don't always have time for. You can trust us to create your own personalized recommendations, and help you follow through in making the best choices for your company.

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Managed Print Services Offerings

Not only will Duplicating Products equip you with the knowledge to tackle all your printing concerns, but we will also provide you with the solutions that will help carry out these recommendations. Our team of experts is ready to help and will find a plan and necessary solutions that fit your needs and budget. Managed Print Services will have a long-lasting impact on your business, which you will see in the cost savings and the efficiency of the devices. Put your printers to work, and learn more about how we can help you accomplish a secure and well-managed print environment.

The DPI Total Print Impact Process offering provides the following services:

Ensuring document workflow and enhancing productivity

Device downtime can be annoying, but even more than that, it can be expensive. You're busy, and your employees are busy, so by monitoring your workflow, we can put certain protocols and document management systems in place. We will help manage these systems and make sure that we stay on top of them so you don't have to.

Managing toner and supplies

Costs of toner and supplies can add up, so are you using your efficiently? You may be losing money to supplies that aren't managed properly, so by being more aware of how these supplies are being utilized, you can have a better view of your inventory. And by having more visibility, you can start to assess where you can save costs or cut down on certain supplies.

Monitoring and streamlining print costs and setting rules to help maintain your goals

Never feel in the dark about your printing costs again. We have the tools and the data to give you a clear picture of how you and your employees use your machines. By having more information, you'll be able to understand where the problems might be coming from, what might be causing them, and most importantly, what you can do to be a step ahead.

Troubleshooting when having issues with your machines

Not only will we be there when something goes wrong with your devices, but we will have the solution. We can help update your software or replace outdated hardware so that you might be able to avoid issues before they even start, thus helping your business to run smoothly. Along with ensuring your machines are running properly, we will also help you maintain your print network security by providing you with best practices for avoiding breaches. Many people forget that using an easy-to-guess password or not connecting your printer to the network properly can cause security problems, and even a small breach can turn into a big problem.

Partnership with HP for Managed Print Services

HP is a trusted global technology leader with service coverage in 170 countries and has the strongest, most comprehensive print security in the industry. As an innovative leader and partner in advancing sustainability and corporate social responsibility goals, HP was recognized as the #1 America’s most responsible companies by Newsweek in 2020.

Should you determine that we are the best fit to help your office run smoothly, we will put this plan into motion. We know your business is constantly evolving and you need to keep up. By letting us manage your print environment, you will have one less thing to worry about.