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Complete The Job with Scanners, Folders and Shredders

Duplicating Products offers a variety of print-related machines that help you finish up the job and get it done right! We offer scanners, shredders and folders to ensure all your print needs are covered from start to finish. The job doesn't end after you click print - whether you need to make copies of your documents to distribute, finish up your items with precise folding or cutting, or shred confidential files when you’re done with them, we offer equipment to help.


We offer a variety of shredders from leading providers, so you can ensure all your confidential documents stay that way. Whether you’re frequently preparing private legal or financial documents, or you simply want to protect your customers’ data and your own business intelligence day-to-day, we have the shredder for you. From small machines to high-capacity ones and even those that shred more than paper, our variety can’t be beat. A shredder will keep your office secure by ensuring you have a proper way to dispose of sensitive information and hard copies once you are done with them.

Our Shredders Feature

  • Safety shields and measures
  • Energy-saving features
  • Fast speeds that function quietly

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Scanning your paper files into a digital format is a great way to keep them organized and secure, especially in today’s technological age. Digital files are easier to find and share among staff members, and to streamline your overall operations. Scanning documents can also reduce the costs and waste associated with physical paper files. 

Our Scanners Feature

  • Several formats to scan to/from
  • Easy controls 
  • High-speed scanning, even for large volumes
  • Options including rotation, scan to file, and scan to email
  • Low-power, environmentally friendly designs 
  • High-resolution imagery

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Once you’ve printed your amazing materials, all that is left is to fold them. In order to do the job right - precisely and cleanly - it’s important to use a professional machine you can trust. Our folder machines will help you make cuts and cross cuts, as well as pristinely fold your documents into whatever form necessary. By using a folder in-office, you retain control over your finishing, ensuring quality and consistency each and every time. You also eliminate the need to wait for an outside shop to do the work.

Our Folders Feature

  • Stable feeding mechanisms for easy loading
  • Patterns for cuts and crosscuts 
  • Density sensors
  • Adjustable blades and cutters
  • Intuitive touch screens
  • Much more

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No matter what type of solution you are looking for, Duplicating Products can provide the finishing service you need.

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