Printer errors can be confusing, frustrating, and a great way to waste time (especially if you don't know what they're trying to tell you). Here are a few print management tips for addressing and fixing errors.

Fixing Errors On Your Printers

Although office printers work hard and contribute all kinds of value to your workflows, they aren't perfect. Like most technology, they'll occasionally throw an error message at you--and, worse, they sometimes don't tell you what the problem actually is.

Here are a few tips for fixing errors on your printers:

  • Use Print Management.

Print management is a great way to say goodbye to printer problems for good. Your provider will help optimize and protect your print environment, which means issues are addressed at their source--usually long before an error message even pops up.

  • Restart Your Printer.

It seems like a simple solution, but sometimes a quick restart is all you need to get your printers up and running again. Just make sure to take note of the original error message so you can keep track of whether it shows up again.

  • Restart Your Computer.

Sometimes, it's actually your computer causing the problems. Restart your machine and try to send your print job through again.

  • Check Connections.

If restarting everything doesn't help, you might have a connection problem. First, make sure your printers are connected to the internet and that you're not having any network issues (like an outage). If that doesn't fix anything, check whether your printers and computers are connected and communicating.

  • Check Printer Drivers.

Printers have drivers that need to be updated and, in some cases, installed or reinstalled. Perform all updates as prompted by your machine, and if that doesn't work, look up the error message to see if it could be related to a different driver issue.


Errors are a great way to turn your printers into a huge frustration. Luckily, there are a few DIY solutions you can try right away--and if that doesn't work, it might be time to call the experts.

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