Although managed print is known for its ability to improve efficiency and save money across your business, it has one more power: improving security. Here's how managed print services saves the day!

Protecting Printers With Managed Print

It's true that managed print services helps streamline workflows, optimize fleets, improve communication, and otherwise turn your print environment into a tool rather than a limitation. However, some businesses are surprised to learn that this same solution can improve security as well.

Let's take a closer look:

The "Why"

With so many security solutions on the market, you might wonder why managed print is the best way to go. The answer is simple: Printers represent a significant opportunity--both for you and digital criminals.

For you, printers are a chance to improve your security approach by reviewing network connections, mobile devices, firewalls, encryption, and more. Not every device in your business will rely on all of these things, which is why printers are a unique opportunity to see security from a fresh perspective.

For hackers, printers are often an open door. These machines are frequently left undefended, so they're a digital criminal's first stop when infiltrating your business.

The "How"

Luckily, managed print comes armed with plenty of security solutions to save the day. For example:

  • Data management: Printers store data on their hard drives, making them a potential vulnerability. Managed print helps you find and regularly flush these data stores to reduce your risk.

  • Physical security: Printing isn't just about the digital world. With managed print, you'll find solutions such as follow-me printing to keep documents from ending up abandoned on the print tray (where they could walk away in the wrong hands).

  • Network security: From firewalls and encryption to changing those default passwords, managed print helps ensure your fleet is safe when it connects to your network, mobile devices, and more.


The truth about managed print is that it doesn't just protect your printers--it protects data, network connections, mobile devices, and more. Maybe it's more accurate to say that it protects your entire business--and it all starts in the print environment.

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