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Large format printers refer to printers that can print big sizes well outside the standard format and printer size range. Large format printers, such as Wide Format Printers and Plotters, enable you to make large, appealing, professional documents within your own personal office place, eliminating the need to outsource or use an external shop. Large format printers use toner and produce full-color results.

Large format printers are appropriate for:

  • Banners
  • Signage
  • Marketing or promotional materials
  • Schematics or drawings

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Wide Format Printers

Wide format printers are useful for businesses who need to print large or obscurely-sized documents at a high quality. Whether you need to print marketing announcements, blueprints, or some other collateral larger than a standard size, a wide format may be your best option. Similar to a wide format printer, a plotter is a large printer that uses a precise tool to create precise lines and vector graphics. It uses a tool like a pen, pencil, or marker to draw lines onto a page and produce sharp, straight, and accurate images.

When to Use a Wide Format Printer

Wide format printers are ideal for a variety of uses, mainly when you need to print something larger than the standard size. They are useful for printing in a variety of sizes and for custom needs. Wide format printers enable you to take back control over print jobs on large paper or in atypically-sized formats. They allow you to handle these jobs on demand in your office with the precision and care required.

Benefits of Wide Format Printers

When you own a wide format printer or plotter, you can achieve professional-quality documents and retain full control and ownership over the results. The machines eliminate the hassle - and cost - of outsourcing, which can really add up over time. Today’s machines come equipped with a slew of features and functionality, offering great results.

  • Fast speed
  • Unique sizes
  • High DPI resolution
  • Fine lines
  • Sharp details 
  • Legible text
  • Scan various formats


If you print and create large documents, then it’s likely you’ll need some customized equipment to match. Whether you’re producing signage, banners, plans, or some other massive collateral, Duplicating Products has the equipment for your output at any size.

A plotter is similar to a large format printer but is most often used to produce signage. Plotters make quality, professional-grade results that are full color and can be produced in-house. They are often used by architects or contractors printing plans or designs, as well as by manufacturers, schools, or workplaces. Plotters ensure high quality, which is essentially for drawings or schematics in particular. They are highly versatile and produce wonderful results.

Benefits of Plotters

Why would you use a plotter in your office? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Time savings not having to wait for an outside provider to complete the print job
  • Professional quality outputs
  • Full control over designs and paper size
  • Streamlined workflow and efficiency
  • Cost savings over time
  • Straight lines
  • Clean lines
  • Precise lines

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