If you're new to the production printer world, it's easy to get so excited by all the options that you forget to look a little closer. Unfortunately, that's a good way to end up with something that might not be a production printer at all--which is why it's important to know the difference between these machines and their cousins, the wide format, and industrial printers. Here's what to know!

Production Printer vs. Other Printers

First things first: You probably know a production printer isn't the same as your traditional office model. A production printer is larger and more powerful, offering options your office printer couldn't even dream of.

But what about the more similar printer types? Let's take a closer look:

Production Printer

To identify a production printer, start by looking at what it can do. If the machine can handle a huge variety of media types and create everything from brochures to business cards, it's probably a production printer. (Don't forget to check how quickly the machine can handle high-volume jobs!)

Industrial Printer

An industrial printer is similar to its cousin in production, but the difference is that industrial printers are generally larger. In fact, they're so large that they might not fit in the average office--simply because they're usually best for warehouses or other big spaces. They might also prioritize reliability and performance over creative functions, so you might notice fewer options in terms of what the machine can do.

Wide Format Printer

The biggest difference in wide format printers can be found by comparing the names. However, both a wide format and production printer are used for creating things like banners, posters, vehicle wraps, and more, the latter works on a different scale. The word "production" in the name is a big deal--it means production printers are all about high-speed, high-volume jobs.


While industrial, wide format and production printers all have their places across the business world, a production printer is a good "middle ground" among the three. It's an ideal fit for businesses of all shapes and sizes, especially if you have high-speed creative needs.

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