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Your business’ printers and copiers are the backbones of your company’s document creating abilities. To function smoothly, you need high-quality machines that work fast. Whether you are looking to buy, rent or [lease](leasing) office products, Duplicating Products has a variety of office products to meet your office’s needs. With our selection of office equipment and copiers from leading providers, we can ensure you will produce high-quality documents when you need them.

Leading Copier Service Provider

Duplicating Products is proud to be a leading copier service provider, with a variety of high quality and technologically advanced copy machines to meet your office’s needs. When it comes to selecting a copier, there are many factors to keep in mind from your output, to budget, to features. We are here to help you select the copier that’s right for your business’ specific needs.

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Copiers are an important part of any office environment, and perform a variety of essential functions to help keep your business running smoothly. In today’s world of modern technology, copier machines can offer a wide variety of advanced features your office will benefit from. Copiers are often one component of all-in-one machines that can accomplish many tasks, and are referred to as multifunction devices.


There are many different copiers available on the market, and the type of copier you choose will depend on your office’s unique needs. Some factors can include volume, color handling, and other functionality. A few of the major types of copiers include:

  • Color copiers
  • Black and white copiers
  • Multifunction copiers
  • High-quality copiers
  • Large volume copiers

At Duplicating Products, we offer high-quality copier machines from the industry’s leading brands including Canon and Ricoh/Savin. By offering leading, trusted brands we ensure our customers get the best possible product to provide dependable service in the workplace. With our wide selection and large inventory, we offer convenience and eliminate the no need to go to multiple stores for your office machines.


Benefits of Office Copiers
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Whether you buy or lease your office copier, there are many benefits to having a copy machine in your office. The biggest benefit of an office copier is that it streamlines processes, allowing you to copy and duplicate whatever you need exactly when you need it. Having a machine in-house makes it possible to tweak things and make changes on the fly, with no great cost or inconvenience involved. 

When you buy or lease a copier, you bring all of your copy needs in-house. This greatly reduces your overhead and simplifies your office processes, allowing you to work efficiently. Outsourcing your copy requirements can be frustrating and time-consuming. Having an in-house copier eliminates the time and hassle of having to send copy jobs elsewhere for completion.

Key Features of a Copier
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Copiers range from simple to complex, and often come with a variety of features for users to enjoy. Copy machine selection may depend on what functionality you require in your office.


Copiers can accommodate a wide variety of paper sizes. They can print anything from standard 8 ½ x 11 office documents, to legal-size papers, to large format graphics such as posters or charts needed for your business. Sizing needs will dictate the type and size of copier you want to implement within your office. An additional consideration for some is the ability to make double-sided copies. 


Color handling refers to the way your copier prints color, if it is capable of printing color at all. These days color copiers are standard, although some offices only need to print things in black and white. Color handling capabilities should be considered when selecting a machine, based upon the type of documents you will be producing most often and how high-resolution or quality the color copies need to be.


Copiers may use laser printing or inkjet printing, depending on their output. Inkjet is a better option for high-quality printing requirements as it provides vibrant, high-resolution images. However, there are higher costs associated with inkjet printers due to the price of cartridges and need for ink replacement. For offices needing to accommodate high-volumes of copying, or whom don’t care about extremely high quality copies, this will not be the best option. Instead, a laser printer is an ideal option for those who print in high volumes or who intend to primarily make copies in black and white. Laser printers use a laser to print electrostatically-charged dots onto a page, comprising an image.


The quality of printing and copying can vary depending on the machine you pick. If you are mostly planning to copy in-office items such as documents involving text or numbers, quality is less important than if you are copying graphics or large, high resolution imagery, design, or renderings. The quality you need will dictate which copier you select; those offering the highest quality often come with higher price points.


Today’s printers are mostly wireless-enabled, meaning they are connected to the internet. You might be able to start a copy job remotely, or access other features of the machine. As a result, printers are vulnerable to security threats in the same way a computer or other wi-fi connected device is. Many models of copiers offer cybersecurity protections to address this. These machines are designed to ensure you and your important documents stay safe and secure at all times.


Copiers vary in terms of their output, and how fast they can churn out pages. The speed at which your machine functions depends on the machine’s power, the quality of the images, and some additional factors. For those with high-volume copy needs, speed may be essential as pages are constantly being produced.

Leasing Versus Buying
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When it comes to copiers, there are a few options for ownership. Like any piece of office equipment, you may choose to lease or buy a machine depending on your budget and your office’s unique needs. There are some distinct benefits to both leasing and buying, and we offer some advice on when to lease versus when to buy.


Leasing is a good option if you are looking to save money initally, or if your office wants to try out a new piece of equipment but isn’t sure it’s the correct choice. Some shoppers don’t want to be locked into the purchase or know that they need the device for only a specific period of time. When you lease a copier, you get all the benefits of ownership without the hassle. Maintenance, upfront investment, and other factors are eliminated. Leasing is also a good solution for businesses who want or need to upgrade their equipment frequently. 


Buying a copier is the best choice for many offices, including those who want to own their equipment and experience a high demand for copying. Owning a machine is an investment, which will save you money in the long run despite the amount of capital needed to make the purchase upfront. While you can buy a device from a variety of places, buying from a dealer such as Duplicating Products is a good way to ensure you create a local relationship and to receive good customer service.

Multifunction Copiers
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These days, almost all copiers on the market would be characterized as multifunction devices. These machines can accomplish a variety of tasks in addition to copying, including printing, scanning, and more.


With so many makes, so many models, and so many features, choosing copiers for your business can start to feel like being a kid in a candy store--except everybody is counting on you to pick the perfect kind for your budget, needs, and growth goals. Ask these simple questions to simplify your decision:

  • What features do we want?
  • How often do we make copies and how many do we make?
  • How much can we spend on a copier?


Multifunction machines, such as multifunction copiers or printers, offer a variety of benefits to users. One of the main benefits of a multifunction device is its ability to streamline processes across your office. By relying on a single machine, you eliminate the need for many different pieces of equipment in your office. These all-in-one devices can accomplish many tasks easily and efficiently, which frees up time to focus on other tasks. Multifunction devices also save valuable physical space in your office. The streamlined style of a single machine means less equipment and clutter overall, saving room for the important things. Additionally, there are cost savings associated with buying a single device rather than multiple.

Multifunction devices also streamline operations by offering single support or maintenance. It’s easier and more cost effective to care for a single piece of equipment than many. Additionally, these machines offer a single support center, so you do not need to coordinate with several different service providers each time you need assistance with your machine. Overall, multifunction devices simplify and streamline processes to save you money.

Additional Products
Additional Products

Our product offerings are diverse and go beyond copiers. At Duplicating Products we offer everything you need to keep your office functioning smoothly.

Services For Your Products
Services For Your Products

Along with our copier rentals and leases, we offer repair and maintenance services as well as managed print services. Learn more about how Duplicating Products can ensure you have the latest office technology, keep it running smoothly and improve your office workflow.

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As illustrated by the many features and benefits above, new copiers offer a variety of options to the end-user. More options mean a more customized experience, which allows your office to make the most of your copier and select the one that’s right for you. 

Duplicating Products offers a large selection of copiers, with features and functionality that can be added to meet your office’s unique needs. No matter if you need a basic machine or the latest-and-greatest multifunction device full of bells and whistles, we are happy to help.