Scanner Scenarios: Standalone or Multifunction?


If you're interested in adding a scanner to your fleet, you probably already know all the great things these machines are capable of. However, there's one big question to answer before you go any further: Do you need a standalone scanner or a multifunction device? Let's find out!

Standalone vs. Multifunction Scanner

In today's world of fast-moving technology and constant multitasking, it makes sense to invest in machines that align with your workflows. Simply put, your scanner should help you do things your way instead of changing your routines, habits, and best practices.

As such, some businesses benefit from a standalone scanner, while others find a multifunction device far more effective. To decide what's best for your business, you'll need to compare both options:

Standalone Scanner

A standalone scanner does one thing, and it does that thing very well. These machines come in different types depending on what you want to do with your documents once they're scanned; for example, some devices create a static image of your document, while others use specialized technology to read handwriting and typed text so it can be edited digitally. The downside of a standalone scanner is that you'll need to invest in other devices if you want to print and copy.

Multifunction Scanner

More commonly called a multifunction printer, this device combines print, scan, copy, and fax capabilities. Multifunction devices are popular because they limit the need for four different machines, each with its own energy and consumables costs. However, these machines also tend to be more expensive than standalone scanners, and it takes a little longer to learn all the features, functions, and settings.


Although a standalone scanner and a multifunction printer can both create rich benefits for your business, the chances are that only one will fit your workflows just right. To find out which machine is best for you, it's smart to do a little research before making a purchase.

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