Do you have the right copier for your business?

Do you have the right copier for your business?

Office equipment isn’t a one size fits all product, so there is no reason any office shouldn’t have the equipment that fits their needs. You can easily find copiers, printers, and scanners that are built to keep up with your office.

If there is constantly a line waiting at the copier, then your machine output is likely not keeping up with the demand of your team. Not only are the workers getting frustrated at having to constantly wait to print or copy their documents, but the office is also losing precious time that could have been better used doing something more productive. If your office is printing constantly, there are copier options that can produces around 100 copies per minute. Most offices don’t require that kind of capacity, but there are definitely offices who do.

Is your office running on a paperless system? In this case, you still need a copier for the customers/clients who like to have a tangible document. If all you’re printing are receipts and simple documents a smaller machine that handles around 10-20 pages per minute will probably work.

Most of the time, color machines and cartridges cost more than black and white machines. Trying to get past the extra cost is understandable, but if colorful documents are important to your business, it’s best to go ahead and get the machine you need. If you don’t need to print color documents on a regular basis, it may be better to stick to a black and white machine, and outsource your color needs.

If you’re a small business with plans of growing soon, lease the equipment you need for now. Then, as you grow, upgrade your products so they can keep up with your business. By leasing your equipment you can easily switch to the machine you need without having to sell your old machine or worry with buying a new one.

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