Ways to Properly Maintain Your Copier

Ways to Properly Maintain Your Copier

Many people don’t realize the importance of maintaining their office machines. By taking care of your machines and keeping them clean, you can prolong the life of your copier. Below are a couple easy ways to keep your copy machine well maintained and in good health.

Keeping the glass scanner area clean. Dust and dirt on your copier can scratch the copier glass and can mess up your copies. Make sure to use a soft lint-free cloth with an approved static free cleaner when you clean the copier glass. Be sure to check your copier user manual to see what types of cleaners are approved for your machine.

Replacing toner when it needs it. Your copier should tell you when the ink is ready to be changed. It is important to change it out on a regular basis. Running a cartridge until it is completely out will not only produce low quality copies, but it could also harm the copier.

Turn off your copier. When it isn’t being used, turn off the machine or put it into hibernate mode to not only save power, but to also prolong the life of the machine.

When the copier isn’t in use, don’t use it as a shelf. This should be common sense, but for some people it isn’t. When the copier isn’t in use, don’t stack boxes and other items on top of it. Why? Because stacking things on top of the copier could crack your glass, break the cover, or even warp the copier surface. The best thing to do is to treat your copier with care.

By following these easy steps you can help your copy machine last longer. Be sure to check your copier’s user manual for special instructions before cleaning any parts of the copier. If you aren’t sure about how to clean certain parts, contact us at Duplicating Products and we can help you. 

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