4 Reasons You Should Lease or Rent Your Office Equipment

4 Reasons You Should Lease or Rent Your Office Equipment

An ongoing trend in the business world today is the leasing or renting of office equipment instead of purchasing it. Nowadays, you can lease or rent everything from computers, to copiers, to furniture. Though some may argue that this isn’t the way to go, here are four major benefits of choosing to lease rather than buy.

Money: When leasing or renting office equipment, you get rid of larger upfront costs. Usually when purchasing equipment, you’re faced with a big investment that is due at the time of purchase. On the other hand, leasing normally just requires a small if any security deposit.  For this reason, companies are able to afford the equipment they need, when they need it. With leasing or renting, you also have predictable flat rate payments, which make it easy to figure into your budget.

Repair: Most companies who lease out office equipment will also take care of maintenance agreements to the equipment. This is a huge bonus for you because it keeps you from having to worry about getting the machines repaired and having to cover those costs.

Upgrades: Since technology changes so quickly, what was top of the line last year, probably isn’t top of the line this year. If staying up to date with the latest and greatest equipment is a benefit to your company, then leasing is the way to go. Leasing makes it easy to switch machines at the end of your term.

Tax Savings: Even though you’re renting or leasing, the costs are still tax deductible. Of course, if you purchase your equipment, you’ll be able to deduct a higher amount, but being able to deduct some of your leasing costs is still a plus.

The next time you’re thinking of updating your office equipment, think about the benefits that leasing or renting can bring to your business. Contact us at Duplicating Products to find out more information about leasing or renting our products. 

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