The choice of where to purchase your company's office equipment is a big one. There are many options these days for the purchase, and each seems to have its own benefits. But, buying your printer and copier from a dealer has a number of distinct advantages for your business that other types of sellers do not.

Building Relationships Locally

When you buy a printer or copier from a local dealer, you have all of the advantages of that company being local. Not only does the dealer have access to all of the models that the manufacturers do, but they are also located in your local area. This allows you to take advantage of that location and to build a relationship with that dealer, You can discuss the features you want with a local salesperson, and they can get to know what your business needs. They will be there to answer questions and to offer assistance when needed. A global company without local associates will not be able to lend that kind of assistance to your business. And with a local business, you get the personal touch that is completely missing from doing business with a global manufacturer.

Many Makes and Models

When you buy a copier or printer from the manufacturer, they have plenty of models available, but they are all by the same manufacturer. You don't have the benefit of seeing models from many different manufacturers and choosing the one that best works for your business. With your exposure to machines so limited, you may not find the right machines that fit your company's needs. By having plenty of makes and models to compare and contrast, you are more likely to find just the right office machines for your office's needs.

Fewer Middlemen

Large, global companies have a number of layers of middlemen who must all profit from the sale of the office equipment they sell. The numerous layers of middlemen that are used by manufacturers can make it harder to get help when you need it, but it also can drive up the price of the equipment you buy from them. When you deal with a small, local business, you don't have all of those middlemen, and you buy from a company with a much lower overhead. This keeps the prices highly competitive and better for your company.

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