It's a new world we are living and working in, and that means a lot of new solutions to figure out how to adapt and overcome the changes that have occurred due to COVID-19. We have answers for some key questions and solutions for protocols like social distancing in your office in the office equipment world. Read on for creative ways to address changes in the workplace while still getting back to business.

How Refurbished Equipment Can Help New Protocols

One answer to your needs might be refurbished equipment. Why? Because your office has physical distancing requirements, and adding office equipment units to your fleet can help prevent crowding at your copier and in your copier room.

It's genius: purchase refurbished units at discounted prices to create alternate locations for printing and copying in your business. That way, employees can complete the work they need to get done and still follow strict social distancing guidelines. It's the new normal, but back to business as well.

Build Out Your Fleet for Safer Operations

Having a more extensive office equipment fleet - at a fraction of the cost - is one of the best solutions that keep your productivity up while practicing physical distancing. In addition to not congregating in work or copier rooms, employees should also avoid in-person meetings and use online conferencing when possible. In fact, establishing multiple equipment/workrooms provides plenty of opportunities for employees to practice safe distancing while still getting their work done in an office environment.

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