Print Management for Office Printers and Copiers

Print Management for Office Printers and Copiers

Printing costs are one of the largest unreported expenses in business because they are rarely classified as printing costs. They are normally shared across several areas such as office supplies or IT departments. Let us help you by designing a custom printing solution for your office or business with our Managed Print Services.
Managed print services allow you to monitor how much printing your business does and then optimize your processes to match. By knowing your printing output, you can then use our managed print services to have an automatic re-supply so that you never run out of ink or toner. You save money by ensuring you are only purchasing as much as you need – not more or less.
How can Duplicating Products help? Our program includes everything but the paper and covers: toner, maintenance, training, installation and all parts and labor. By taking advantage of our program you reduce the time spent managing multiple printers and cartridges.

How can Duplicating Products reduce my printing costs?

Free up IT: Allow your IT department to focus on projects that provide results for your business, not maintaining your printer fleet.

Set Budget: With a set monthly cost based on accurate volume, you will know your printing expenditure over the course of the program.

Reduce Waste: Order supplies when they are needed, reducing unused inventory.

Reduce Wasted Time: You no longer have to spend time managing toner cartridges for multiple brands and sources. 

Our managed print services and office machine repair and maintenance services are all part of our Fleet Management program. With our website it’s easy to order supplies or enter a meter reading.
Contact us today for a no-obligation print assessment to help discover your total printing costs and potential savings!

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