Workflow Solutions: How to Create Document Workflows


Document workflows may sound simple at first, but when you sit down and try to create one, you may come to realize that there's a lot to consider. In reality, document workflows can quickly become complicated--especially if you have a lot of people or processes in the mix.

The good news is that, with the right workflow solutions, you can create document workflows that just make sense. Here's everything you need to know!

Workflow Solutions: What is a Document Workflow?

When it comes to documents, you have a lot of workflow solutions to choose from: document management, managed print services, scanning--you name it. However, the goal of all these solutions remains the same, and that's to help streamline and strengthen your document workflow.

A document workflow is the beating heart of your business. It's the process by which a document is created, edited, shared, stored, and eventually deleted or destroyed for security purposes. Naturally, a document workflow has a lot of steps and can become complicated as more stakeholders are involved--which is why workflow solutions come in handy when planning or perfecting this process.

Building Document Workflows with Workflow Solutions

Workflow solutions give you a solid foundation upon which to build your document workflows. But if this is a building project, what are your materials?

Here are the five steps you need to build into any document workflow:

1. Plan

This step is where you create outlines, reflect on meeting notes, or collaborate with other stakeholders to decide what a document should look like.

2. Create

Next, you create the document using the appropriate tools, from presentation software to a shared digital document.

3. Manage

Once the document is created, it needs to be protected according to your company's security policies. This can include passwords, naming conventions, access control, and more.

4. Share

It's finally time for the document to go out in the world. At this point, you might email the document to a client, bring it to a meeting, or work on it with a project team.

5. Store

When the document is done being edited, it can be digitally stored for easy access. Later, when the file no longer needs to be viewed, it can be archived according to your industry's regulations.

In conclusion, a document workflow is the heartbeat of your business--but to keep that heartbeat strong, you need five key steps. Of course, you also need workflow solutions!

Ready to build your own document workflows? Contact us today to see which workflow solutions can help!

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