What is FileBound?

Hand holding pen writing TLC - Tender Loving Care acronym, concept background

Documents may not be the latest and greatest technology, and they certainly aren't showy--but they are the unsung heroes of your workplace. To show those documents some serious TLC, you need a solution that can turn file organization into a tool for efficiency, security, and communication. Luckily, that's where FileBound comes in.

FileBound Basics

FileBound is a digital document management system. It's cloud-based, meaning it can be accessed and utilized from anywhere, and it can be personalized to meet your company's unique needs--both now and in the future.

Here are the three foundations FileBound solutions are built upon:

  • Efficiency

Like all document management solutions, one of FileBound's biggest goals is to eliminate bottlenecks and keep your workflows sleek and streamlined.

  • Security

FileBound is built on the idea that documents can be a tool for security rather than a liability--as long as those documents come with solutions like controlled access and version control.

  • Simplicity

A solution that stresses you out is no solution at all. That's why FileBound is user-friendly and easy to implement across your company, from HR to customer service and beyond.

Benefits of FileBound Solutions

Now that you know what FileBound is, let's find out what it can do for you!

It improves transparency.

Being able to see where your documents are going and why is crucial for organization, communication, and security--and it's easier than ever with FileBound. This solution improves transparency across every step of the document life-cycle, helping you keep track of your data every step of the way.

It saves money.

FileBound solutions are easy to implement and even easier to use, meaning that they'll immediately go to work simplifying your workflows, cutting out extra steps, and even automating data capture and distribution tasks.

It keeps you flexible.

As the past year has shown, flexibility is a must in every element of your business model--especially document storage and access. FileBound helps you "go with the flow" by introducing solutions that can be scaled to fit your needs--even as those needs grow, change, or go completely remote.

In conclusion, FileBound is the perfect way to show your documents--and your entire company--a little TLC. It's efficient, budget-friendly, flexible, and, above all, simple--which means it's a good fit for any business.

Want to see FileBound in action? Contact us today to get started!