Scanners at Work: Healthcare

Healthcare worker holding stack of documents

Scanners are the perfect tool for any industry, but they're especially useful--and important--in healthcare. Let's take a look at "scanners at work" to see how these humble machines help save lives!

Scanners in the Healthcare World

Every industry has its challenges, but in healthcare, the stakes couldn't be higher. Fast, simple access to constantly-updated information is critical for patient care and doctor/nurse communication. There are also privacy and storage regulations to comply with--so documents need to be in line at all times.

Luckily, that's where scanning comes in.

Paperless patient notes, charts, and health information can be managed, accessed, stored, and updated at the click of a button. They're easy to share across locations and formats, and they can be searched thanks to optical character recognition (OCR).

Here's how it works:

1: Files are prepared.

Healthcare experts can choose to scan documents in any order, but the most common type of preparation is to organize files by priority. For example, data that is constantly being accessed and updated should be scanned first.

2: Documents are scanned.

Once everything is organized, it's time to start scanning. Depending on the type of machine, the result may be a static PDF or a dynamic file capable of being searched and edited.

3: Organizational parameters are put in place.

Most healthcare experts have an organizational structure that works best for their practice. This structure is adapted to the digital landscape to help keep scanned files in order based on things like date, content, patient name, and more.

4: Paper copies are shredded.

Once the scanning process is complete, healthcare records can be shredded to prevent sensitive information from being stolen or otherwise misused.


It's always fascinating to watch scanning at work--especially in an industry with as many unique challenges and regulations as healthcare. Luckily, scanning is up to the task and can make a huge difference by helping healthcare experts digitize and protect their valuable data.

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