Ricoh Smartboards: The Best Interactive Flat Panel Displays?

Two men looking at smartboard in office conference room.

When it comes time to choose interactive flat panel displays for your company, you only want the best. Do Ricoh smartboards fit the bill? Let's find out!

What is an Interactive Flat Panel Display?

An interactive flat panel display sounds like complicated technology--and while there's a lot going on behind the scenes, what matters for you is that it's basically an interactive whiteboard. That's actually one of the biggest benefits: You don't have to understand every element of the technology to put it to good use.

However, if you hear the word "whiteboard" and shudder at old middle-school memories, don't worry--interactive flat panel displays are a lot more high-tech (and more fun) than that. These multi-touch screens have their own operating system, meaning that they can do just about everything, from accessing apps to running video conferences.

The truth, though, is that not all interactive flat panel displays are created equal. As you search for the perfect choice, one may start to stand out: Ricoh smartboards.

Why Ricoh Smartboards?

Ricoh smartboards are a favorite among office professionals, and for good reason. Here are three examples of why they might just be the best interactive flat panel displays:


Need to take notes, make plans, sketch ideas, or bring attention to certain points in a training course? Rich smartboards can do it all. They also mirror mobile devices and can utilize PC content with a Windows controller--so no matter what tools you bring into play, Ricoh smartboards are ready to put them to good use.


Ricoh smartboards aren't just giant touchscreens. They're interactive whiteboards, keyboards, video conferencing tools, and more. They sense a stylus just as easily as your finger, and they allow multiple people to collaborate from the same room or different locations. They also come in sizes up to 86" with a 4K display.


Need to connect to other platforms or third-party software? Want to run a large conference when everyone's working from their home offices? Ricoh smartboards are reliable in a variety of situations where high performance matters most--even when connecting up to 50 devices.

In conclusion, interactive flat panel displays are a whole lot more than middle-school whiteboards. They do a bit of everything--and if you're looking for unrivaled functionality, features, and reliability along the way, you can't go wrong with Ricoh smartboards.

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