Ricoh Interactive Flat Panel Displays for Educators

Elementary School Science Teacher Uses Interactive Digital Whiteboard to in front of a Classroom Full of Children

It isn't every day that a solution promises to be effective, efficient, and fun for educators and students alike--but that's exactly what you can expect from a Ricoh Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD). Sound too good to be true? Read on to see how Ricoh IFPDs keep this promise!

A Fan Favorite

Ricoh IFPDs are essentially electronic whiteboards. They have all the benefits of a traditional whiteboard--for example, visibility and a shared workspace--while bringing in all the advantages of modern touchscreen technology. To put it simply, they're the best of both worlds.

Even more surprising, however, is their reputation among both educators and learners. After all, it isn't every day that students get excited by the same education solutions that their teachers enjoy--but that's exactly what IFPDs can do.

What educators have to say

They're flexible.

IFPDs are a great tool in the classroom because they can adapt to any lesson plan, any class size, and any need--making them a teacher's best friend.

They're easy to use.

Educators don't have time to tackle an exhaustive learning curve; they want to be able to jump right into a new tool or solution. That's part of what makes Ricoh Interactive Flat Panel Displays so popular: they're user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to learn.

They're cost-effective.

Making effective budget choices is a must for educational organizations--and you can't go wrong with an IFPD. These machines more than pay for themselves, making classroom life easier, smoother, and more effective.

What students have to say

They're fun.

Students love to learn in fun new ways, and Interactive Flat Panel Displays are no exception. With touchscreen tech that allows learners to get hands-on with the material, IFPDs make learning a blast.

They're cool.

Today's learners expect lessons to be delivered in sensible, effective ways--and that usually means a whole lot of technology. IFPDs are the kind of cool tech that helps students feel comfortable with (and impressed by!) the learning material.

They just make sense.

Gone are the days of fragmented classrooms and ineffective lesson plans; now, students can enjoy all the simplicity and creativity of IFPDs, making sure that learning is always a shared experience and that everyone stays on the same page.

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