Printer Prices: The Hidden Costs of Buying and Leasing


If you know you need a new printer, you're probably already bracing yourself to face the price. But do you know all the hidden costs of buying or leasing your machine? Let's take a closer look!

Breaking Down Printer Prices

Although a printer is a vital part of any modern business, it's not without its costs. The unfortunate truth is that whether you buy or lease, you'll have to face these costs--so the best thing you can do is know what to expect. That way, you can choose the best path for your business.

Here's what to know about hidden printer prices for buying and leasing:


  • Maintenance and repairs: If you purchase your printer, you'll be responsible for your own maintenance and repairs. That also means determining when these are necessary and how exactly to perform them.
  • Consumables: Ink, toner, paper--these consumables are sometimes built into a lease, but they're always eating into your budget when you buy.
  • Upgrades: Want the latest and greatest printer features? You're out of luck. If you buy your machine, you'll have to pay for a brand-new device every time you want an upgrade--whereas leases may allow you to jump to a new release more quickly.


  • Document fees: When you sign a lease, there might be a certain kind of hidden cost called a document fee. This is the cost of processing the legal documentation, and you'll be responsible for most (if not all) of it.
  • Insurance fees: Leasing a printer means you're temporarily responsible for someone else's property. That means you generally need insurance to protect this investment.
  • Termination penalties: Need to cancel your printer lease a little early? Forgot to cancel your contract on time? Either way, you're in trouble. Leases sometimes come with early or late termination penalties that make it difficult to get out of the agreement at a time that works for you.


The truth is that both buying and leasing come with hidden fees. As long as you know what's around the corner, you can navigate these fees more confidently and choose the path that's best for you (which, for most companies, is usually buying.)

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