Office Solutions for the New Year

Office Solutions for the New Year

With 2014 coming to an end and a new year around the corner, there’s no better time than now to evaluate your business’ office solutions and determine what can be improved in 2015. From printers to document solutions, a streamlined office strategy can help your business grow more rapidly than ever.

Here are some questions to consider as you evaluate your business needs this upcoming year:

Do you have the right printer? 

Do you or your staff find your printing solutions slow or lacking desirable quality? It might be time to find a new printer, or add another one to the office.

For office environments that need high volumes of content printed at a fast rate, a larger printer can keep up with the pace, such as a Canon imageRUNNER 7095, which boasts a powerful 95 pages-per-minute rate in letter format. A smaller office may not need such a large machine, which makes a desktop laser printer such as the Savin CLP37DN a perfect fit for small to mid-sized businesses with its 37 PPM and 1200x1200 dpi capabilities.

Determining what kind of printing output you anticipate – and the quality of print you need at that rate – can point you in the right direction of the right device for your business this upcoming year.

Do you need better software solutions?

Reliable document solution software can send your productivity skyrocketing while keeping expenses low in 2015. From PDF production to document-to-digital content importing, finding the right software for your business solutions is essential to a stress-free and constructive office environment.

Software such as eCopy and FileBound can simplify business processes by managing your documents and organizing your information in a safe and effective manner. This software can analyze scanned documents and import their data into Microsoft Office-friendly formats, track addresses and contact information, and manage workflow automation.

If you feel your workflow is cluttered or your documents are unorganized, new solution software can help with a simple install.

Is your business information safe?

You have a fast and powerful printer, your documents are organized and your workflow is efficient. But is your information safe?

A security breach can be catastrophic to a business, even smaller ones. By using trustworthy solutions designed to protect your information, you can rest easy knowing it’s in the right hands.

Canon strategies such as its Advanced Authentication can manage the usability of your printers and document management systems by using Common Access Cards or Personal Identity Verification. Its imageRUNNER Security Kit can regulate accessibility of your information through variety of means, including user authentication and encryption.

Let Duplicating Products make 2015 a breakthrough year for your business’ workplace solutions, from printers to software to security. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.  

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