Multifunction Printer Security: Do You Know These Printer Risks?


Multifunction printer security may always be at the top of your mind, but that doesn't mean you can know every little detail. For example, some of the biggest MFP risks are also the ones most companies tend to overlook--which is why they're so dangerous in the first place.

Follow along as we explore some of the top multifunction printer security risks and provide a few tips to help you overcome them!

Multifunction Printer Security: Risks and Solutions

Your multifunction printer does a lot for you, but one thing it can't do is protect itself 100% of the time. That's where your multifunction printer security work comes in.

Here are a few risks to look out for (and how to stop them in their tracks):

Risk #1: Unprotected printers

In some cases, you might not realize your printer needs protection at all. However, cybercriminals often start an attack by looking for undefended printers, hoping to find an easy way into your network.

Solution: Make multifunction printer security one part of your larger security approach. For example, all printer data should be encrypted, default passwords should be changed, and printer software should always be updated in a timely manner.

Risk #2: Unauthorized access

Unauthorized access is a big deal. If anyone can just walk up and start using your printer--or, perhaps more commonly, connect to your machine from an unrecognized computer or mobile device--your data will never be truly safe.

Solution: Implement user authentication tools like individual PINs or passwords. This helps your printer make sure it's only being accessed by trusted people and devices.

Risk #3: Hard drives

That's right: Hard drives themselves can be a multifunction printer security risk. That's because your MFP stores data on its hard drive to simplify the printing process--and if a hacker gets through your defenses, they'll have complete access to this gold mine.

Solution: Create a schedule for regularly wiping your MFP hard drives. This is an easy, effective way to make sure you keep your hard drives from becoming a target.


Multifunction printer security isn't always easy, but it doesn't have to be a catastrophe. Just brush up on big risks like these and have plenty of security solutions up your sleeve to help combat common threats--and, of course, don't forget to make MFPs part of your overarching security approach.

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