Managed Print: 4 Tips For Choosing Your Provider

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A lot goes into a solution like managed print, but if that solution is doing its job right, you shouldn't have to worry too much about what happens behind the scenes. Of course, that's only possible if you have a great provider--so today, we're here to help you find a print partner who can make a big difference for your company.

Good vs. Not-So-Good Managed Print Providers

Like most things in life, there's no one "perfect" way to get managed print services. Managed print should be personalized to meet your company's unique goals, helping you overcome challenges other companies might never understand.

However, there is a wrong way to get managed print--and that only happens if you end up with the wrong provider. Let's take a closer look:


A good provider is genuinely interested in your business. They aren't just looking for a deal--they want to create a partnership that will help your company become all it's meant to be. To prove it, they're willing to answer all your questions, have in-depth discussions about your needs, and tailor their offerings to fit your business just right.


A not-so-good provider isn't always easy to spot. Just be on the lookout for a company that seems self-involved--as if they couldn't care less who you are or what your needs look like. These providers likely make huge, unrealistic promises without telling you exactly how they'll follow through in your unique scenario.

Managed Print Provider Tips

With two types of managed print providers out there, how will you ever know which is which? Simple: Use these four tips!

#1: Ask questions.

Even if a managed print provider does a great job telling you what to expect from them, you should still ask questions about their services. This helps you judge whether the provider is a good communicator or if they're impatient, ill-informed, or just plain rude.

#2: Do your research.

Please don't take a managed print provider's word for things--do your research by exploring their website, looking for reviews, and asking around. This type of "background check" can be pretty revealing.

#3: Test response times.

Does this managed print provider answer your emails promptly? Do you get an informed, helpful response if you leave a voicemail? These details will help you decide whether you could have a successful business relationship with this provider.

#4: Ask for specifics.

You want a managed print provider who can make a difference in your business. It makes sense to ask for specifics about their plans, processes, and goals. If they don't get excited to discuss how exactly their approach can fit your office setting and printer fleet, it's time to walk away.


In conclusion, there's lots to know about managed print--but perhaps the most important thing is how to find a good provider.

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