How Print Management Can Optimize Your Business

printer in use

The system of printing documents in your office is one that is so necessary, many don't think much about it. The employees just use the printer when they need to, and the company pays all of the printing costs. However, a lot of time and expense often goes into making unnecessary printouts and repairing the machine when the printer problems could have been avoided with print management.

Monitoring Printer Usage

When employees are free to print as often as they like, they may proactively try to print everything without much thought to whether those pages really needed to be printed at all. With print management, it's simple to monitor all of the usage of the printer. When you can see exactly who has printed things, and how much they do so, many managers find that the amount of printing goes down. Knowing that their usage is being monitored, many employees think about it twice before they run to use the printer. With less wasteful printing, the costs of printing go down. And because less time is spent on printing and organizing files, productivity rises.

Efficient Machine Usage

When the machines are used only when they are needed, the entire office is more efficient. However, what happens when the machine is down? This creates a backlog of printing projects, and it leads to a lot of wasted time as employees stand around and try to figure out how to get their printed materials. Often, this means scheduling some expensive repairs and going to an outside print shop in the meantime. With print management, the effectiveness of the printers is monitored, and any problems with them can be fixed far faster. This means that those small problems won't get worse and worse, necessitating pricey repair visits. And, the office is made more efficient with no reason for employees to stand around and wait.

Keeping Printers Stocked

Another problem for an optimized office is printers that run out of paper and/or ink. This leads to downtime and waiting, and no efficient office should have either of these problems. With print management, it's easy to see how much paper and ink are being used and to see when they may be running low. When this is monitored, the appropriate items can be ordered and stocked before it becomes a problem for everyone in the office.

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