How to Help Your People Adapt to Digital Transformation


Digital transformation is great news for your business--but like any change, it can feel overwhelming for your people. Here are a few ways to turn teams into your greatest asset (instead of your biggest worry) during any digital transformation project.

Digital Transformation for Employees

Digital transformation looks different for every company. For some, it might be as simple as implementing digital document management; others may completely reimagine their business model to take advantage of cloud solutions for meetings, print needs, and more.

No matter the scale of your digital transformation project, however, one thing is clear: This change can be significant for employees. To help your people navigate new expectations and processes, try using approaches like these:

Communicate clearly.

Communication is perhaps the most important part of any digital transformation project. Always make sure you and your teams are on the same page; that way, they know what to expect as well as what's expected of them.

Set achievable goals.

Goals are a great way to break down a big change into smaller, more manageable parts. Work with your people to set these goals--and to make things more fun, consider offering a reward or celebration of some kind after big achievements.

Provide all necessary support and training.

Employees at all levels experience digital transformation together, even if their perspectives and needs aren't always the same. That means it's important to provide support and training for everyone, regardless of their position, responsibilities, or thoughts on change. The result is a unified approach to digital transformation, rather than feelings of isolation and anxiety.

Don't let people underestimate themselves.

Although your people may be worried about change, it's important to remind them that you hired them for a reason. They're good at what they do--and they'll continue to be good at it, even if their tools and processes are changed. After all, digital transformation may be about tech, but people are still at the heart of every update.


Digital transformation projects can be difficult for employees to navigate alone. Instead of trying to convince them that this is all for the best, show them how they fit into your transformed business and prove they have an important role to play in the transition itself. They're helping shape the future of your company--let them know it!

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