How to Get the Most from Your Ink Cartridges

How to Get the Most from Your Ink Cartridges
We all know that ink is one of the most expensive items when it comes to office supplies. Sometimes it feels like you’re constantly having to replace them. Believe it or not, there are ways to make your ink cartridges last longer. Below are just a couple smart ideas to help you do just that.

  1. Print in grayscale. By setting your printer to print in grayscale, you will no longer be using your colored ink. When you use color to print black, it takes several layers to get it dark enough. By printing in grayscale you use less
  2. Use a smaller, thinner font. By using a smaller, thinner font, you save valuable space on each page and also prevent wasting more ink. With a smaller font you can fit more on each page, saving paper as well as ink.
  3. Proof before you print. Be sure to check over your work before hitting the print button. Often, people don’t catch mistakes until they have already printed off the document which causes them to have to re-print it. Make sure you double check your work beforehand in order to avoid unnecessary re-printing.
  4. Use an online document management system. By using an online or cloud based document management system, you can have your documents wherever you go without having to print them.
  5. Use a lower resolution. If you’re printing in high resolution, then you’re likely using way more ink than you need to. Unless you’re printing photos, you can probably get by with printing lower resolution documents.
  6. Disregard the low ink warning. These low ink warnings can show when the cartridge is as much as 45% full. The best thing to do is print until you can see that the printing quality is going down, then change the cartridge.
  7. Keep them sealed. Until you’re ready to use them, don’t take off the yellow tape or remove them from their plastic bag. These things are there to lock in moisture and keep the ink from drying up before you get to use it. 


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