How FileBound Revolutionizes the Legal Industry


The legal industry is not immune to technological changes and updates, but it has, in many ways, remained much the same over the years. After all, legal needs will still be legal needs, no matter how far technology advances. However, believe it or not, one solution has the power to truly revolutionize the legal industry: FileBound.

FileBound for Legal Experts

Legal experts face unique challenges when it comes to documentation and file storage. Information is both highly sensitive and frequently utilized, meaning it must be protected in ways that don't interfere with efficiency or organization. However, solutions must also be flexible enough to meet needs that vary from case to case.

Luckily, FileBound addresses all of these issues and more. Fast, efficient, and full of revolutionary technology that feels right at home in the fast-paced legal world, FileBound helps simplify every step of the document life cycle, from data capture to long-term storage.

Here are just a few things FileBound is capable of:


With so many documents to handle, cross-reference, and protect, law offices often feel overwhelmed. FileBound provides simple, user-friendly solutions to these organizational needs, providing the structure necessary to create and distribute documents with version control, user authentication, and more.


FileBound allows legal personnel from across your organization to efficiently access, update, and utilize information. Data is smoothly transferred from one location or format to another, eliminating time spent manually looking for or storing files.


FileBound is not limited to any one type of document. It can help capture and manage data from multiple formats, creating a versatile approach that makes information fluid and accessible. Here are a few examples of documents Filebound helps manage:

  • Affidavits
  • Contracts
  • Notices
  • Petitions
  • Trusts
  • Wills
  • Employee information
  • Payroll


Although FileBound is a solution that can adapt to any industry's needs with impressive flexibility, it's especially at home in the legal industry. With all the tools and solutions necessary to keep up with varying data formats and urgent legal needs, FileBound has the capability to revolutionize the legal industry--starting with you.

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