How to Choose Scanners for Legal Offices

Hand of a businessman placing a document on a flatbed scanner in preparation for copying it

Legal offices bring a lot of unique needs to the table, from specialized data security to high volumes of paper. That means any scanner that hopes to fit the bill had better come prepared--so here are a few tips for finding your legal office's perfect scanner match.

Legal Scanners

The beauty of office scanners is that they're the perfect solution for companies of all shapes and sizes. They're easy to set up, easy to use, and easy on your budget; in fact, the only thing not so easy about them is choosing them in the first place. That's partly because scanners have different features and functions to meet different needs, meaning that you have a long list of options to consider before you decide what's right for your legal office.

Luckily, there's one way to make the buying process a little bit easier: just ask these questions!

"How many locations do we have?"

If your law office has only one location with a central hub for office scan jobs, your best bet is to select a powerful machine that stays in one place. If, however, you have multiple locations or your legal work is frequently on-the-go, a portable device may better suit your needs. Portable scanners are small, battery-powered devices that make scanning--and legal services--mobile and efficient.

"What capabilities do we need?"

Modern scanners can do just about everything. In fact, some are even "all in one" devices that can also print, copy, and fax.

Here are some capabilities to consider:

  • speed, measured in pages scanned per minute;
  • connectivity, which is helpful for scanning directly to email applications or cloud storage systems;
  • OCR, or optical character recognition, which makes it possible to search and edit files rather than just making a digital image of the document;
  • and high-resolution, which is especially helpful for scanning pictures or other images.

"What will we need tomorrow?"

Remember, your legal office is probably still growing--which means you'll need a scanner that can keep up with an influx of new client forms, invoices, lawyers' notes, and more. Don't choose something that works today; choose something that works today and tomorrow.


The best way to choose scanners for legal offices is to reflect. Research is an important element too, of course, but the real secret to finding that perfect scanner is to perfectly understand your legal office's needs before you even start shopping.

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