Do You Have a Print Security Plan?


Every company knows security is important--but when it comes to print security, you might be left scratching your head. Here's why printers deserve a place in your overarching security approach (and how to make it happen)!

Why Do You Need a Print Security Plan?

Did you know that hackers often start an attack by looking for unsecured printers? That's because many businesses don't realize their printers are at risk. After all, they're "just printers," right?

In reality, your printers do a lot more than just printing these days. They connect to your network, email, cloud applications, and more; they access data from across your company; they even store some of the information you print or copy. Machines that were "just printers" are now hubs of data utilization and network communication, which means they're a big target for digital criminals.

That's why you need a print security plan: If you don't act, hackers will.

Building Your Print Security Approach

The good news is that print security doesn't have to be a pain. Here are a few tips for creating your own plan:

#1: Start with managed print services.

Managed print services solutions begin with a print audit, which gives you the opportunity to review your entire environment for risks, vulnerabilities, and more. With this information, you and your provider can work together to create targeted solutions and build a comprehensive print security plan.

#2: Focus on device-level protection.

Device-level protection can include a lot of approaches. For example, you might choose user authentication tools to help make sure unauthorized people can't access the device, either online or on-site. You should also change any default settings and passwords, secure the printer's network connection, and constantly monitor print use habits for red flags.

#3: Don't forget data.

Encryption is a great way to protect data as it travels to and from your printer. Other solutions, like regularly wiping your printer hard drives, help act as a safety net in case a hacker does gain access to your network.

In conclusion, print security is an increasingly important part of your overall security approach. Luckily, with a print security plan--and a little help from managed print services--you can avoid big digital risks and their damaging effects.

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