A Crash-Course in Large Format Printing


Have you ever heard someone talking about large format printers and felt like a kid on the wrong side of the toy store window? Well, good news: We're here to open the door and let you into the wonderful world of large format printing. Here's everything you need to know!

How Does Large Format Printing Work?

The first thing you need to know is that large format printers aren't your average desktop devices. They're bigger, faster, and more powerful, allowing you to print in larger sizes than a traditional office printer.

Here's how it works:

  1. You select a material. Large format printers can often work with materials beyond regular paper, like vinyl or fabric.
  2. You create your print job. Don't be afraid to use bold colors and complex designs--a large format printer can handle it.
  3. The print begins. The machine reads your design, then nozzles inside the printer put toner on your material.
  4. Ink is placed. In large format printing, ink is placed directly on your material.
  5. Your print job is dried. UV lights are used to quickly and effectively dry your new masterpiece.

It's that simple--and that promising.

Benefits of a Large Format Printer

Although a large format printer does most of the work for you, you get to enjoy all the benefits. Here are just a few:


Outsourcing every large format print job can quickly get expensive. Plus, you can't always guarantee the quality--not to mention the security of your company's designs and data. An in-house large format printer eliminates these concerns, helping protect your budget and your business.


With a large format printer just around the corner, you and your teams will be able to let your creativity flourish. Large format printing involves bright colors, bold lines, and high-quality results--so let your inner artist out to roam!


Need to work on a new type of project? Hoping to break into a different revenue stream? Large format printing gives you the flexibility you need to keep up with whatever the world throws at you, opening doors and creating fresh opportunities.

In conclusion, large format printing is a promising solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The best way to appreciate all the benefits, however, is to see for yourself.

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