A Buyer's Guide to Office Printers

printer in use

Office printers are one of the biggest needs in a company when it comes to business machines. However, not every business printer is the same. Some have far more features than others, and not every company has the same printing needs.

Inkjet Printers vs. Laser Printers

An inkjet printer is an inexpensive option that simply uses ink to print on paper. This type of printer is also smaller, so it's perfect for offices with limited space. It's also a good choice if its use will be occasional and/or for smaller print jobs. For printing large numbers of pages, a laser printer is often what an office wants. It is more expensive and larger in size, but it is an exacting type of printing that is high-quality and ready to take on large printing jobs It uses toner to fuse the words and images with the paper. These printers may have speeds as fast as 100 pages per minute.

More Printer Features

When your office has a standard printer, it is made to print and possibly to make copies. However, multifunction printers are made to do a lot more. They will also scan documents to create digital files out of them. They can bind documents, collate them, send faxes and more. With these printers, it's easier to keep the one machine in the office instead of four other machines that each does just one function. These printers are also made to be relatively compact, so smaller offices can get a lot from the one machine instead of trying to find space for several of them.

Choosing the Printer Model

With so many printers in the market today, it can be hard to determine exactly which one would be the best for your office's needs. The sales staff can be a big help in showing you the features of each and telling you their per-minute printing speed. To determine which would work best in your office, you need to know which features your employees need from the printer and which speed your printer should have. Once you know exactly which capabilities your printer should have, it's easier to narrow down the best printer for your office.

To choose the right printer for your business, contact us today to find out about the printers on the market. We can help you to make the choice based on what your office needs from its business machines.