3 uniFLOW Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

doctor working at a printer, taking paper from the printer feed

The healthcare industry faces a long list of unique challenges--especially in the middle of a global pandemic. The good news, though, is that there are solutions capable of keeping up--like, for example, uniFLOW. Let's take a look at uniFLOW and what it can do for the world of healthcare!

Make Life-Saving a Little Easier

When it comes to healthcare, every solution needs to be bold, efficient, and, most importantly, flexible. After all, when there are lives on the line, there's no time to worry about extra steps, unreliable tools, and confusing workflows. That's why solutions like uniFLOW are making life-saving a little bit easier--and it all starts with the printers.

One tool: uniFLOW

With uniFLOW, healthcare experts can take control of the big stuff without worrying about the little stuff. Simpler workflows, efficient communication, reliable security, and flexible approaches make uniFLOW an invaluable addition to any printer fleet--especially one that works as hard as a healthcare printer fleet does!

Three solutions

Here are just three things uniFLOW can do for the healthcare industry!

  • #1: Control access and functionality.

    Rather than creating "hoops" to jump through, uniFLOW makes it easy to control access to certain devices, limiting the risk of unauthorized copying or scanning. Better yet, uniFLOW allows healthcare organizations to give device permissions based on the role--meaning that, for example, nurses can print, but doctors can print, scan, fax, and copy.

  • #2: Print wherever, whenever.

    Secure mobile printing makes healthcare flexible--and with uniFLOW, it's easy to implement and even easier to use. Healthcare workers just utilize the mobile devices they're already familiar with to make secure, reliable network connections with printers and viola--printing happens whenever and wherever necessary.

  • #3: Understand costs.

    Healthcare organizations juggle all kinds of costs. With uniFLOW, it's possible to track costs and spending, understand habits, and make better printing choices--for example, routing certain jobs to certain devices to make the most of efficient features, or limiting color prints to certain teams, or departments.

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