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e-Cabinet (Savin)

eCabinet: Find Anything – Save Everything

eCabinet is an innovative network office appliance for small businesses and enterprise workgroups. Technologically sophisticated, yet easy to use, eCabinet connects to a network and is accessed via a friendly web browser interface. Built on open industry standard protocols, it seamlessly captures all documents created by networked office peripherals such as fax machines, scanners, copiers and printers. It will even capture email and Web content.

Using leading edge Optical Character Recognition technology, combined with sophisticated auto indexing, essential information is extracted to create a detailed index. A digital copy is then immediately archived both to the internal hard drive and built-in DVD-RAM. Storage capacity is virtually unlimited through the use of the removable DVD. Alternatively, data can be exported to a NFS server or a DVD Jukebox. You will never run out of storage space!

Once a document is stored, eCabinet's powerful software allows you to choose from several intuitive search and retrieval options. You can search by content, date, keyword or any combination. For maximum flexibility, results may be viewed by a wide range of options including List, Thumbnail, Stream and Calendar views.

Never Lose Another Document Again
Documents are automatically routed to the eCabinet for indexing and archiving for the purpose of centralized storage and easy accessibility. Don't spend time printing and manually filing another document. Let eCabinet do that for you.

Best of all, never spend your valuable time searching for misplaced documents.

  • With a manual filing system, the average office professional spends 7 minutes to find, retrieve and re-file a document.
  • Executives spend approximately 2.5 hours per week searching for documents.
  • Administrative staff spend an average of 20 to 30 percent of their time looking for missing documents.
  • Studies have shown that an average office could spend up to $18,000 or more annually locating and retrieving lost and misfiled documents.

Save Time, Improve Productivity, Reduce Operational Costs
eCabinet will dramatically enhance your ability to store, manage and quickly locate the documents you need. This enables your organization to better leverage personnel resources and improve productivity at the same time.

Industry consultants have reported that:

  • One insurance agency paid six full-time employees to locate lost documents. That number has now grown to 20 employees.
  • A government agency spent $250,000 recreating lost documents in a capital court case.

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Save hours of precious time and resources.
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