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e-Cabinet 2000 (Savin)

Your file cabinet has evolved...have you?

The eCabinet 2000 automatically indexes your documents to make search and retrieval a snap. eCabinet 2000 seamlessly connects to your network and can be accessed through a familiar Web browser interface. All of your networked peripherals-- copiers, scanners, fax machines, printers and even PCs (including Web and email content)- can be configured to automatically copy files to eCabinet for archiving, indexing, and retrieval, without creating network bottlenecks.


  • Global Document Access Via Web-based Tools
  • Accurate, Full Text Document Retrieval
  • Keyword Search Templates
  • Industry Standard Web Browser User Interface
  • Intelligent Document Archiving
  • Information can be captured from a variety of sources without any user intervention
  • User passwords are employed to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing your sensitive documents. User-defined permissions can limit document access to individuals or groups
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