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OMS for AS/400 (Gestetner)

With Gestetner Output Management Software (OMS), you'll be able to take vital AS/400 information and create customized electronic reports and forms – complete with graphics and logos – then print them on any of Gestetner's networkable, digital imaging systems. Consider the impact on your bottom line as you eliminate:

  • The cost and hassle of preprinted, multi-part forms
  • Specialized PC print servers
  • Printer-resident datastream conversion models
  • Impact printers and green bar paper

With OMS, you can:

  • Conveniently output a wide range of documents – from invoices to catalogs, price lists to sales reports – at print speeds up to 105 PPM
  • See an immediate and appreciable improvement in workflow productivity thanks to simplified output production processes
  • Leverage your existing LAN hardware investment
  • Enhance the presentation value of your hardcopy output while increasing personnel productivity by accessing a vast array of imaging features such as duplexing, covers, inserts, multiple paper sizes and automatic finishing
  • Improve the appearance of all your business communications with 600 dpi laser resolution, the ability to change font selection and size and host graphic support – including logos and bar codes
  • Easily incorporate approvals, document archiving and other workflow processes into your routine operations

Simplify Your AS/400 Printing Environment
Gestetner's OMS is an AS/400-resident solution, eliminating reliability and security concerns, as well as the host-to-server-to-PCL printer path that is typically required when outputting AS/400 data to networked printers. The OMS system captures, merges and routes print output from the AS/400 to standard PCL output devices, including Gestetner laser printers and multi-function systems, fax systems, standard e-mail applications and file archiving devices.

The OMS environment provides a full-featured suite of applications for AS/400 users, permitting them to easily access all of the advanced capabilities of Gestetner digital imaging systems. Users define printer use for real-time or batch output, define job parameters, and can run batch jobs automatically – without additional user intervention – using stored print specifications.

The software accesses all printing features controlled via the PCL/PJL language, meaning users have access to the full feature sets of Gestetner distribution and production output systems, including:

  • Specifying the paper drawer (or drawers) to be used for each print job
  • Specifying covers and page inserts – all in a single print run
  • Specifying an output location for each print job – either a finisher or a mailbox
  • Selecting automatic stapling or hole punching for professional finishing
  • Selecting duplex output, which reduces paper consumption
  • Selecting fonts – including scaling to required CPI/LPI
  • Inserting a separator sheet or jog output for job separation – a beneficial feature in busy output environments
  • Defining forms distribution

In addition, several spool file and data-related functions can be manipulated by the user, including:

  • Document format modification
  • Font selections
  • Output large jobs to multiple Gestetner LAN output systems
  • Automatic AS/400 Printer Configuration

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OMS for AS/400

Connect Gestetner devices to AS/400 computers.
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