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4045E/4045Esp (Savin)

Every day, you face a paper blizzard–copies, prints, faxes and e-mails. And every day, it becomes more of a challenge to manage┬┐until now. With the Savin 4045E/4045Esp Series, you will get–and stay–on top of document management. Featuring a design that enables you to specify exactly the type of system you need–from digital copying to network printing at 45 pages per minute, and scanning to super G3 faxing and LAN-Fax–the 4045E/4045Esp Series can effectively replace up to four pieces of office equipment, which saves working capital and frees office space.

Features at a glance

  • Speed: 45 ppm
  • Multifunction: Copy, Fax, Print, Scan
  • Resolution: 600 dpi

General Features

  • 64MB RAM and a 20GB Hard Disk Drive provide more efficient copying and enable Scan
  • Once/Print-Many, Preset Stamp, Background Numbering, and Sample Copy
  • New Polyester Polymerization toner technology increases image quality, reduces energy consumption, and enables faster system warm-up and lower fusing temperature
  • Standard Automatic duplex imaging does not affect imaging performance
  • Three different document finishing options to choose from, including a booklet finisher, enable a wide variety of documents to be completed on-line
  • Large, touch-sensitive LCD operator panel with an intuitive graphical user interface allows even a novice user to complete even the most complex of jobs
  • Removable Hard Drive and DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS) options provide safe, secure, and reliable solutions to protect your classified and confidential information

Printer Features (Optional with 4045E, Standard with 4045Esp)

  • Crisp 600 x 600 dpi resolution delivers outstanding image quality
  • PCL 5e/6, Adobe PostScript 3 (option), and proprietary RPCS drivers
  • Standard Ethernet and parallel ports with high-speed serial and wireless networking options
  • Standard PCL 5e/6 emulation and RPCS print drivers with optional genuine Adobe
  • PostScript 3
  • RPCS driver provides single-click printing of even the most complex jobs
  • Complete access to duplexing and any attached document finishing options

Scanner Features (Optional with 4045E, Standard with 4045Esp)

  • Embedded Scan-to-Email makes document distribution easy and economical, as no additional hardware or software is required. Cost-saving alternative to traditional fax workflow
  • Scan-to-Email solution includes LDAP support and SMTP & POP before SMTP
  • Authentication
  • Embedded Scan-to-Folder and Scan-to-FTP allow easy conversion of hardcopy documents to electronic files for improved storage, retrieval, and sharing of information
  • ScanRouter Lite utility & network TWAIN scanning are also available as alternative scanning solutions for networked users
  • Documents are scanned to the most popular file formats, including PDF, TIFF, and JPEG

Fax Features (Optional)

  • Up to three G3 fax lines can be configured to support simultaneous fax transmission and reception in high volume environments
  • T.37-compliant Internet Faxing lets users scan hardcopy documents, and then fax them over the Internet, thereby reducing costs and maximizing security
  • Paperless faxing can be realized by forwarding inbound faxes to receivers via e-mail. In addition, LAN-faxing is available for sending faxes from the PC without generating a hardcopy original
  • Receive Fax Journals and Transmission Reports via email
  • Incorporates all of the same capabilities and convenience features as dedicated fax systems
  • Optional JBIG kit compresses files sizes to a minimum before transmitting to reduce transmission costs
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