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eCopy ShareScan Essentials (Savin)

Product Overview

ShareScan Essentials helps organizations save time, reduce costs and increase business results through an automated document management solution that securely puts paper documents directly into electronic workflows.

  • Enables you to extend the capabilities of a Multifunctional Product or scanner to be a bridge between paper and digital workflows
  • Runs inside the Multifunctional Product and uses the device's touch screen
  • eCopy ShareScan Essentials connects your MFP to your organization's e-mail and other enterprise applications for easy to use, secure distribution of document images
  • eCopy Image Enhancement processes scanned documents to produce a “cleaner” image. This service enables optical character recognition (OCR) and barcode automation to translate image content more precisely into machine-readable and editable text, dramatically reducing manual exception reporting which slows down scanning processes.
  • Barcode Recognition and Image Enhancement run transparently in the background to automate routine scanning tasks. These services can be run individually, together, or in combination with other services such as Cost Recovery or Bates Numbering, as well as with any Connector that operates with eCopy ShareScan.
  • Organizations of all sizes that need to integrate paper documents into electronic business processes
  • Enables users to share and collaborate using paper documents just as easily as they would with electronic documents
  • Helps users securely scan and send paper documents to a network PC, so this information can be incorporated in other workflows
  • Provides a means to effectively manage risks associated with paper documents
  • An intuitive interface makes it easy to capture hardcopy documents and incorporate them into electronic workflows
  • Scan to PDF/A and encryption for document imaging
  • Scan to e-mail directly from user email accounts and email address lists accessed from the MFP
  • Scan to fax, network folders and FTP
  • Scan to desktop, including the ability to scan to multiple users' inboxes
  • Use eCopy Desktop™ to annotate, highlight and stamp documents with signatures and other graphic elements and combine document imaging scans with other electronic documents into a single PDF.
  • Optical character recognition to create Microsoft Word or searchable PDF files from scanned documents
  • Provides audit trails and document tracking
  • Advanced scanning capabilities allow users to choose file formats (PDF, JPG, TIFF) on the fly, preview scanned documents before sending, and change image properties such as size, resolution, and color
  • Create your own departmental or enterprise-wide workflows with "Quick Connect" using "Scan-to" profiles
  • Native integration with Active Directory and eDirectory
  • Requires little training and is easy to support with central administration
  • Expandable, customizable solution with hundreds of integrations available for popular applications
  • An easy-to-use Software Development Kit (SDK) is available.
  • Use with eCopy Connectors and Services, eCopy PaperWorks, eCopy Software Developer's Kit
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