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ScanRouter EX Enterprise (Savin)

ScanRouter EX Enterprise leverages and extends the scanning capability of Multifunctional products and other devices by offering network scanning without the need for multiple desktop scanners.


·  ScanRouter EX Enterprise software works with MFPs, network scanners and facsimiles to convert paper documents and incoming faxes into electronic files and then distributes them to various network resources and/or email addresses
·  With ScanRouter EX Enterprise, users can "scan-to-email", "scan-to-folders" on your network or scan to Lotus Notes and/or Microsoft SharePoint
·  Document management and business process/workflow improvement
·  Ideal for workgroups, medium and large organizations looking for a turn-key method for document capture and electronic delivery of scanned documents and incoming faxes
·  Paperless incoming fax routing saves time, and reduces paper handling steps
·  Electronic document distribution reduces volumes of paper piled on desks, saves storage space and reduces paper supply costs
·  Save steps by producing multiple copies electronically for distribution to office personnel
·  Improve response time through rapid distribution of time-sensitive faxes and scanned documents (including auto-notification of incoming documents)
·  Better organized documentation such as handwritten reports, ledgers, images and photos, faxes, personnel records and forms
·  Each MFP can have its own address book assigned
·  Automatically scan a wide range of paper sizes and types
·  Ensure accurate scans of originals with up to 600-dpi resolution with 256 levels of grayscale
·  Convert various paper documents into electronic files in PDF, JPEG, TIFF, TIFF-F, and PNG file formats
·  Offers high compression and searchable PDF formats
·  Network authentication integrates with customer’s network security scheme
·  At the device, simply select the intuitive destination buttons and scan
·  Route multiple in-bound fax lines to different users and/or groups
·  Scan directly into Microsoft SharePoint Portal server or Lotus Notes database
·  Windows 2000 server, Server 2003
·  Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes R5 Domino, SMTP/POP3 compliant
·  Scan-to-Email, file folders, FTP, scan-to-print, Lotus Notes databases, Microsoft SharePoint
·  TCP/IP Network Protocol
·  One server integrates up to 100 devices
·  Address book support for up to 90,000 destinations
·  Register groups of any size as one address
·  Customized authentication support for LDAP and NDS
·  SDK available
·  Retrieve and manipulate files using DeskTopBinder

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ScanRouter EX Enterprise

Streamlined Business Scanning
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