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RICOH Legal Advanced Workflow (RLAW) (SAVIN)

Product Overview

In a law firm, key decision-makers need the right information to make the right decisions. Get it into their hands easier with RICOH Legal Advanced Workflow (RLAW) software. It creates customized, automated scanning workflows and transforms paper documents into easy-to-find information that you can share when it's needed most.

  • Meet court filing deadlines and requirements Take the guesswork out of preparing court filings. With RLAW, you don’t have to count pages, or estimate the file sizes or formats required for each court. Simply enter the required information once, and create customized workflows that are accessible with a single touch from the Savin MFP control panel. RLAW takes care of the rest.

    You get perfectly sized and formatted documents ready for filing, every time. And the time you save can be better spent on more critical, profitable tasks.
Automate Bates Labeling to identify key documents quickly
  • Ditch the time-consuming, manual labeling of page after page with RLAW’s automatic Bates labeling capabilities. Have to add pages to an existing document? Don’t worry about having to start over. With RLAW, you can simply add new pages at any time in a single step — without compromising your existing Bates Labeling scheme.

    You can customize fonts, starting numbers, leading zeroes and other unique identifiers to standardize how information is tagged, so new information can be added at any time easily with minimal steps and expenses.
Scan, store and access key information in moments
  • You’re tasked with scouring through a lot of information. That’s a lot easier when you can find exactly what you need, when you need it.

    Send scanned files to a central electronic document repository — such as HP WorkSite, Worldox® or OpenText™ eDOCS — and avoid having to search through file cabinets, emails or multiple document management systems. You can even add profile information to documents while you’re scanning at the MFP control panel, making them easier and more intuitive to store and retrieve.
Help secure more proof
  • Help protect critical information, whether you’re a solo practitioner or a large firm with hundreds of scanning devices. Take advantage of user authentication on each Savin MFP, to restrict access to information to authorized personnel via login and passwords or even smart ID cards. In addition, 128-bit encryption helps protect scanned documents at the MFP.
  • The RICOH Legal Advanced Workflow software solution is compatible with all Savin A3 and A4 MFPs that support Ricoh Family Group’s Embedded Software Architecture (ESA) and GlobalScan NX Server v2.3 or later.
  • Choose from the following configuration options:
    • Bates & Court Electronic Court Filing Plug-in
    • OpenText™ eDOCS Plug-in
    • WorlDox® Plug-in
    • HP WorkSite Plug-in
  • GSNX Server version (5, 32 or 750) must be specified. All configurations include one year of maintenance and support.
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RICOH Legal Advanced Workflow (RLAW)

In a law firm, key decision-makers need the right information to make the right decisions.
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