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Reform PDC (SAVIN)
Designed to maximize your investment in Ricoh output devices, Reform PDC is a comprehensive business platform. Reform PDC provides an outstanding array of options including printing from hand-held devices; user, group and device activity tracking, cost recovery and rules-based printing, and OMR bubble sheet creation and processing.

  • Enterprise Business Platform that can support scanning and distributing documents, tracking user activity and device usage, provide mobile users with driverless printing
  • An extensive array of plug-in options allow for modular configurations that can improve workflows and reduce costs in a wide range of environments
  • Plug-ins that support e-mail, faxing, archive to document management solutions and workflow
  • Track user activity such as prints, copies, faxes and scans to help identify areas for cost reduction
  • Print jobs can be accessed and produced by user at any MFP with the swipe of a proximity card or by providing a PIN number at the chosen device
  • Provide your users with the ability to approach any MFP or printer to collect printed documents (requires MOST option on MFPs/printers)
  • OMR Bubble Sheets – teachers can create and print customized bubble sheet tests, then scan tests for automatic grading
  • Complete tracking and reporting of user activity for all functions (copy, scan, fax and print)
  • Generate reports for client bill back
  • Automate the delivery of scanned documents via e-mail, fax or scanning
  • Automate the document approval process with Document Authority Control
  • Capture and distribution of print streams and scanned paper documents
  • Make printing from mobile devices easy without the need to deploy print drivers
  • Speed exchange of information by selecting distribution of documents when printing
  • Reduce printing costs through the elimination of wasted prints by holding print jobs until user releases prints at printer or MFP
  • Minimize or recapture document expenses through user activity tracking and cost accounting
  • Speed up and reduce errors in document approval processes
  • Enhance document security and provide easy user access with proximity Card Authentication
  • Automated form creation process saves time and reduces costs
  • WYSIWYG design of MFP control panel screen to customize view for your applications
  • WYSIWYG form designer lets you enhance and customize the appearance of forms
  • Users printing from desktop applications can use the Reform PDC print driver to simultaneously direct output to printers, fax, email and archive systems in one step
  • Print to any printer or MFP with all the desired finishing options (bin/tray selections, collating, stapling, duplexing, etc.)
  • Scan documents at the MFP and route PDF files to multiple destinations
  • Documents are automatically faxed, emailed or indexed for archiving using information in the print stream or that was entered using the MFP interface or print driver screen
  • Pages requiring signature can be tagged with a trackable barcode for association with other documents and proper routing
  • Establish an automated approval chain for workflows requiring multiple people to approve documents
  • Reform PDC is a modular solution providing forms creation and print output from host systems and other applications as its foundation
  • The key optional components of Reform PDC include: MOST (MFP scanning), Tag Doc (trackable barcode tagging), DAC (document approval process management), Snap Doc (digital camera workflow integration) and plug-ins for email, fax and archive systems
  • Appearance of the scanning interface on the MFP and presented options can be customized to the needs of an organization's workflow
  • MFP login verification and 512 bit encryption for high security
  • Easy installation to multiple MFPs with mass-deployment tool
  • Administrators can monitor servers and be notified if documents are stalled, services are stopped or SQL databases are off line.
  • Administration capabilities to control and regulate document approval chains
  • Geo-imaging digital camera solution (Reform PDC's SnapDoc option)
  • DocumentMall (Reform PDC distributes documents to this online document archive)
  • Card readers (HID, HID iClass, Mifare, and others)
  • Most Ricoh MFPs and many Printers are compatible with Reform PDC

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Reform PDC

Designed to maximize your investment in Ricoh output devices, Reform PDC is a comprehensive business platform. Reform PDC provides an outstanding array of options including printing from hand-held devices;
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