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imageRUNNER Pro 150+ (Canon)
With its stellar engine speed, 3-5 million impression duty cycle (depending on customer job stream and number of shifts), and flexible hardware and software configurations, the imageRUNNER Pro 150+ meets the needs of central reproduction departments, commercial printers, and data centers. Its outstanding productivity, throughput versatility and ease-of-use enable you to produce complex, customized jobs more efficiently than you thought possible.
The Canon imageRUNNER Pro 150+ builds upon the award-winning imageRUNNER 110, offering a familiar design with some added capabilities to improve document workflow. Its extensive set of optional accessories allows customers to start with the configuration that best meets their current needs and expand their device's capabilities if and when their business dictates. Unlike some competitive products, the imageRUNNER Pro 150+ maintains its rated speed when additional functionality is added to the system, allowing it to complete many complex jobs as fast as-or faster than-higher-speed competitive offerings. A fully accessorized imageRUNNER Pro 150+ continues to drive output without any significant loss in productivity.

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imageRUNNER Pro 150+

Operating at 150 pages per minute, delivering impeccable image quality, and offering a wide range of finishing capabilities, the imageRUNNER Pro 150+ raises the bar for production-level devices.
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