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Access Management System (Canon)

The Canon Access Management System allows you to configure user' access rights on a feature by feature basis on your imageRUNNER device.

By using the Access Management System, color printing is only available to those who require it. To further enhance document security on your imageRUNNER device, the Access Management System can also restrict many frequently used features, such as access to Web browsing, e-mail, and faxing. This is just one of the many unique features of the Access Management System.

Built-in Roles The Access Management System provides predefined roles for every business user: Administrator, Power User, Limited User, and Guest. Additional custom roles can be defined to work in conjunction with the predefined roles to fine tune access control.

Enterprise Scalable

  • Access Management System is suitable for any business concerned with multifunction printer (MFP) security, regardless of company size.
  • With the web-based operation of the Access Management System, IT administrators can easily set up roles and user access on individual devices.
  • Using the optional Access Management System plug-in, IT administrators also have the power to centrally management multiple devices installed with the Access Management System.
  • The Access Management System plug-in provides active directory integration for quick retrieval of large user lists and groups.

ROI with Access Management System The ability to control enterprise wide access to print, fax, and web features on your MFPs is a significant step toward controlling expenditures and maintaining security. The Access Management System plug-in is a simple solution that can be implemented today to provide effective cost control and heightened confidentiality.

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Access Management System

iWEMC Access Management System Plug-in along with the Access Management System Kit allows you to configure users' access rights on a feature by feature basis on your imageRUNNER device.
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