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Additional Information
imageWARE Prepress Manager Version 1.1 (Canon)

imageWARE Prepress Manager is a comprehensive Document Make Ready and Production Workflow tool designed to simplify the document publishing process. Designed for use by corporate print shops, Print for Pay establishments, and Commercial Printers, imageWARE Prepress Manager incorporates extensive document creation capabilities, easing the creation and production of documents requiring various inserts and content types such as books, manuals, brochures, catalogs, proposals, reports, and presentations.  
imageWARE Prepress Manager supports the JDF standard, permitting users to create documents inclusive of JDF Job Tickets. To more effectively manage JDF print jobs, Canon provides imageWARE Print Job Manager and JDF Parser. imageWARE Print Job Manager allows users to actively manage jobs being sent to JDF compatible printers including Canon imageRUNNER and imagePRESS engines having installed Canon’s JDF Parser. 

Prepress Manager 
• Print documents using JDF print function 
• Visual preview for all print settings 
• Various Advanced Imposition Functions such as Perfect Binding with Auto Spine Creation, Page Repetition, Cut & Stack, Quarto, Saddle Stitch. 
• Crop Marks, Gutter Shift for Booklet Printing 
• Rich Edit Tools such as Content Editor for page level editing without the need to re-open documents in their native applications 
• Image Editor for Scanned Documents, Annotation Editor and Variable Print Editor. 
Print Job Manager 
• Manages printing tasks, utilizing the functions to send jobs to a JDF printer, as well as monitoring and controlling jobs and printers. 
• Reprint the submitted print job to same printer or different printer 
• JM Hot Folder Function which allows the creation of preset print settings and delivery of documents automatically through imageWARE Print Job Manager. 
• Create professional documents easily with the Document Creation Wizard 
• JDF Support 
• Save time by reducing manual collation  
• Combine office files in one workflow 
• Edit imported documents in their native formats such as MS, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Web Pages, e-mails 
• Preview print output to eliminate paper waste 
• Save color printing cost with page level quality settings 
• Customize documents with annotations  
• Leverage imageRUNNER finishing capabilities such as Perfect Bind and Booklet 
• Export documents to PDF or save in imageWARE Document Manager database for storage and retrieval 
Document examples: 
• Perfect Bound documents 
• Photo Books 
• Post Cards 
• Mailers 
• Presentations 
• Meeting Material 
• Financial Reports 
• Internet Research 
• Strategic Plans 
• Employee Manuals 
• Product Brochures 
• User’s Guides 
• Manuals 
• Market Studies 
• Benefits Statements 
• Marketing Plans 
• Direct Mail 
• Release Letters 
• Course Books 
• Training Material 
• Sales Reports 
• Event Programs 
• Status Reports 
• Newsletters 
• And many more…    
Software Requirements  
To install imageWARE Prepress Manager, your computer must run under one of the following Windows operating systems. 
• Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional (Service Pack 3 /4) 
• Microsoft Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 1 / 2) 
• Microsoft Windows Vista Business  
• Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise 
• Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 
*Only 32-bit edition is supported 
Operations are not supported if you start imageWARE Prepress Manager in any of the following conditions: 
• Switch user to start imageWARE Prepress Manager in Windows XP 
• Run with promoted administrator privileges (select [Run as Administrator]) to start imageWARE Prepress Manager in Windows Vista 
• Select [Run As] to start imageWARE Prepress Manager in Windows 2000/XP 
Before upgrading to Windows Vista from Windows XP, uninstall imageWARE Prepress Manager and then reinstall it after the upgrade. When upgraded without uninstalling imageWARE Prepress Manager, uninstall it and then reinstall it again. 
imageWARE Prepress Manager does not support surrogate pair characters. These characters may be garbled. 
Surrogate pair: a method of displaying Unicode characters above U+FFFF by using UTF 16. These are applied to the currency symbols in Unicode4.0 
Supported Devices 
For details on printer supported by imageWARE Prepress Manager, access the following URL: 
This list is subject to change. Please refer to Technical Publications on e-Support for the most current list of supported devices.  Supported Devices 
For details on printer supported by imageWARE Prepress Manager, access the following URL: 
This list is subject to change. Please refer to Technical Publications on e-Support for the most current list of supported devices. 
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