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Braille Label Kit (Canon)

The optional Braille Label Kit contains transparent Braille labels that can be placed on the device control panel (except the numeric keys), as well as, areas such as the document feeder and paper drawers for improved device access. Due to the conventional layout of the numeric keypad (which has a protruded indicator on the "five key") visually-impaired users can easily enter numeric information. The Braille Label Kit can be used with imageRUNNER and imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices, as well as some, imagePRESS, and LASER CLASS Facsimile devices.

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Braille Label Kit

The Braille Label Kit-E1 contains transparent Braille labels that affix to each hard key on the control panel except for the numeric keys. This is due to the conventional layout of the numeric keypad, which already has a protruded dot on the "five key," providing familiar entry for the visually impaired. This kit provides visually impaired users with improved access to copy and fax functions.
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