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2518d (Savin)
The Complete Network Solution For The Small Workgroup
Your small workgroup will benefit from the increased productivity and functionality that comes from a high-quality digital imaging system. Offering 600 dpi-resolution output at 15 pages per minute (18 pages per minute for the 2518/2518d), the connectivity of a networked printer and high-speed communication thanks to the ultra-fast 33.6 Kbps fax modem, these systems are industry competitors.

Competitive cost-per-page rates and multiple digital advantages such as electronic sorting provide your workgroup with clear advantages. But even for such a cost efficient digital imaging system, it is surprisingly robust. Optional paper drawers expand the 2515's maximum paper capacity to 1,350 sheets (1,600 sheets for the 2518/2518d) while output offers a wide range of paper sizes, from envelope to 11" x 17". Other standard features include a 50% to 200% zoom range, Scan Once/Print Many and Combine Originals.

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