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T/R Systems MicroPress (Savin)

Cluster Printing: Now Faster and Easier

T/R Systems MicroPress is an innovative cluster printing system that creates a high speed, print-on-demand production solution. MicroPress aggregates multiple printing systems (up to 12) through a powerful PrintStation Manager, into a single, coordinated virtual production facility. In addition, MicroPress is a scalable solution that lets you start with just one or two output systems connected to a host of input devices, then conveniently add additional printing resources, either color or black & white, as your print volumes grow.

A Versatile Solution Supporting Diverse Product Requirements

The highly-versatile MicroPress is designed and configured to meet the wide array of output requirements emerging in today's cost-conscious and print-on-demand world. MicroPress addresses specific requirements in a variety of businesses, including:

  • Corporations
  • Commercial printers
  • Government organizations
  • Academic institutions
  • Specialty and quick printers
  • Book publishers
  • Facility managers

The MicroPress provides these institutions with the capability to conveniently and affordably address high output demands on documents such as:

  • Sales and marketing collateral
  • Personalized, variable data documents
  • Operations and training manuals
  • Product documentation
  • Color proofsOn-demand books

With the power of the MicroPress, organizations can manage their electronic documents and organize printing only when the documents are required — print-on-demand or just-in-time printing — to help manage document production costs. Plus, with innovative technology capabilities such as Internet-based job submission, companies can simplify the workflow processes required for getting jobs into production. The bottom line is:

  • Reduced inventory costs
  • Elimination of document obsolescence
  • Reduced distribution costs
  • Personalized marketing by inserting specific content or messages into on-demand produced documents
  • Improved cycle times

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T/R Systems MicroPress

Manage high output! Prepress software and cluster printing.
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